Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel
Galaxy Angels are from the “Special Guardian Division” and they work closely with the “Imperial Special Guards” and the “Satellite Defense Teams”. They are the guardians of the White Moon, the sacred planet of the Transbaal Empire, and the personal protectors of the White Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The story begins with Prince Eonia attempting a take over of the Transbaal Empire with the aid of the mysterious Black Moon, counterpart to the White Moon. To counter Prince Eonia, the Angel-tai along with their flagship the Elsior are placed in the hands of the kind and ever-capable Commander Takuto Meyers.

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  1. Condorman says:

    Can’t install it. Would the English patch work on the installer too? I see nothing but bunch of unreadable codes on the installation windows.

    • Asakura says:

      You need either applocale or HFApploc to install it
      (and thus use the mentiones tools to install it in japanese as administrator)

  2. Some Pervert says:

    I installed it and some text are not shown on the right side.

  3. Some Pervert says:

    Ok removed it. I thought it was an H-Game. Haha. But still it worked for me but the only problem I got was the text getting cutted off. Thanks. I should have read the older comments first. Thanks again.

  4. Count Monty says:

    Cool, I didn’t know Galaxy Angel was a VN!

    Learn something new everyday.

  5. kraytor says:

    need some help here, i installed everything on jap locale, patched to 1.10, english patched, then movie sub patch, but the movies just dont show, im running windows 7 and using avast as my antivirus

    i thought it might have been the avast autosandbox thing that caused me problems in kamidori but its not the case, anyone can help me with playing the movies?

    the rest of the game works fine though, with no lags also

  6. orange says:

    @kraytor have you tried reinstalling the game?

    • kraytor says:

      3 times. well i found the cutscenes on youtube already, at the most i’ll just watch those when im supposed to

  7. Ataraxia says:

    crap. . .how do i get the subs for the movies? i tried replacing the .dat files but the movies remain un-subbed?

    • orange says:

      i replaced the dat files and it worked just fine. remember to replace it in the c – program files – brocolli – galaxyangel. have you installed the consolas font and patched the game first?

  8. Rock2.1 says:

    does anyone knows where can i find a full walk, i only found those from masterwind

    • Jta_0358 says:

      I’ll make a walkthrough for you. It’s pretty easy as long as you save before every decision and listen to that chime.

  9. Azer says:

    Well, when I extract it, the 2nd CD was corrupted ! I need help here, it says, that I must download it AGAIN ! T_T
    The file that corrupted is at 9 or 10

    • imizzz says:

      i got same problem….when i extract it just give cd1,cd3 n cd4….it is just like that or it has 4 CD??? please respond!!v.v

  10. Seipher says:

    Extremely Poor Performance from this game for some reason.
    It goes at like 1 fps no matter what i try to change, anyone know what might cause it or how to fix it?

  11. nobody says:

    Part 3 of the game download not working for me. Do anyone have same problem?

  12. VNhunter says:

    what’s the purpose of the Movies Subtitles Patch and how do i get them 2 work??

  13. Tatsuki Tatsujin says:

    No problem here … work perfectly^^

  14. Jack Sparrow says:

    This is one of my all time favorites. It’s so funny!

  15. retsebs says:

    This game is friggin’ awesome! Wouldn’t work on my laptop but got it working smoothly on my desktop!

  16. Libra says:

    Man, this is so nostalgic. I used to have this game when it first came out. Thanks so much for the quality download.

  17. Darknesson says:

    e que maravilha… ao interromper a instalaçao o pedido, fiquei com isto: Windows – Volume Incorrecto, onde me pedia para inserir o volume GA_DISC1 na unidade I, onde nem a opçao Cancelar, nem Tentar nova, nem Continuar funcionavam, vi-me obrigado a reuniciar o pc, com a instalaçao a meio, e com os ficheiros ainda abertos…

  18. Darknesson says:

    I dont know what i can do anymore… problems in trasnference, unzip and install:
    First i got the problem with the download of the of the part.07, after 3 times, i did it…
    secon, the unzip told the files were corrupted from the origin, but somehow,i was able to open them and tranfer everything to a new folder.
    AND NOW, when i strart the download, from the Galaxy Angel CD1 (DAEMON file) the installion go to 33%, it stops, and ask me for some tipe of code, like:
    ” l: ”
    SInce i didnt know what it didnt mean, i cancel it, and this hapenned:
    Windows – Volume Incorrect
    Insert GA_DISC1 in unit I

    Another strange question to me, but even worse, neither the opcion Cancel, Try Again or Continue did not worked, so i was obligated to restart my pc, with the install and files of the Galaxy Angel still open…
    So, what i can do after all this?

    • hawk1lo says:

      If i am not mistaken, i guess u had reach the part “inser disc 2” which the “I:” means the disc drive (normally this is the part where the installation prompt where disc 2 are located)

      since u had already extract all the 4 discw with no problem, try undock or unmount the drive and replace it with disc 2. press enter later. should work this way

      • Darknesson says:

        this is marvelous.. now i can not even begin the install
        I start with the GalaxyAngel CD1, like i did before, and is just shows a Error, with a lot of codes that i can not understand, and it closes everything.

  19. hawk1lo says:

    great upload, i wish i noticed this site before finishing GA:ML (chinese version).. now that i finished the prequel, left the sequel =)

  20. chun_li257 says:

    One last thing I tried opening another file called GAPatch98 and use it’s add but I got a System Error with that saying.

    [The Program can’t start because IksBase.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.]

    Where can I get this file?

  21. chun_li257 says:

    Nevermind after a LONG fight I put all the pieces together myself thank you I hope I can help someone else who may have a problem like mine one day.^^

  22. chun_li257 says:

    Okay dose this site need more moderator or something?

  23. mad guy says:

    i downloaded the game installed it and put all the patches in but when i try to play it starts but as soon as the beginning movie end it turns off and i go back to the game and it keeps doing it how do i fix this?

  24. Histidine says:

    Well, setting this up was way more trouble than it should have been.

    First, the installation wouldn’t progress after the first disc until I switched my locale to Japanese (one day I will understand why this matters).

    Then, it wouldn’t play movies in fullscreen, and animation effects were super sloooow in windowed. What a pain.
    Fortunately, I figured out that the animation bug goes away when the window is out of focus, so it was reasonably easy (if still annoying) to work around.

    All that said though, I loved the game. Combat was simple but sweet, and the writing was sometimes touching (even if it was impossible to take seriously most of the time).
    *hugs Milfie* <3

  25. AaronBlack012 says:

    GalaxyAngel.part09.rar is broken. “File not found” is the message I get.

  26. anon says:

    For anyone having trouble with movie subtitles on windows vista/7 you need to run GA under administrator.

    • CVic Mgagpantay says:

      Thanks to your comment I finally saw the subs for GA and GAEL, now all I need is figure out again how to fix the missing text problem to the right, any idea how? I remember solving it before but now I forgot how.

  27. alostblueidiot says:

    Anybody know how to get the English sub on the movies? Ty in advance, by the way if anyone wants to see videos about this game then search name I used here at youtube. Also, any one know how to make the texts at the right be readable?

  28. TheKillerDonut says:

    For some reason i cant get the english patch to work or when it does no sound and it doesnt play the game can anyone give me some help?

  29. wisecrack says:

    Ok, reading the comments there seems to be alot of hate with getting this game to work, low fps, etc. Is it or is it NOT worth the time to download and install on win 7?

  30. Taufirec says:

    Weird, before when i played this, i had no problems with it running fullscreen, but now after reinstalling it i have to play it in windowed mode for movies to play, but the fps drops because of it…oh well, still want to beat this game and start the sequel.

  31. StormBlade says:

    I think DA-Free Part 3 is broken or something.
    All I know is that I cannot download it when I put in the captcha.

    Someone please fix it. 😀

  32. Japanfreak says:

    i managed to install it but i cant hear the voices and instead of the movies i get black screen

  33. zerone says:

    please, I’m having trouble to install this. I’m installing disc one with daemon tools and applocale, and then some message shows up, I naturally think it’s requesting the disc two, so I change the disc, but the installer keep requesting the disc. it’s possible to install it with daemon tools or you have to burn the discs for it works? the weird thing is that when the installer requests a disc, it’s saying something about disc 1(ONE), this happens at 24% of the installation. I can’t figure what is written because I don’t know japanese.

  34. jjohnson1992 says:

    i can get everything running just fine theres even subtitles during movies but there is just no text in game its just blank but only after i install the english patch

  35. arz777 says:

    I have windows 7 and have a problem with the disk 1.

    in the installation the program display an error at the moment of change to disk 2, and then I have no other choice but to stop the installation of the game in the beginning

    please help me

  36. nooby says:

    also after all file instaled put ( after u go through cd1 until cd 4) the last time put back cd 1

  37. Helper_person says:

    Since it would have helped me if someone had done this, I will write out all instructions.

    First download all the parts, the english patch, and the movie subtitles.
    Once downloaded extract the parts into ‘Galaxy Angels’ Folder and mount the first disc image with a program such as MagicDisc, press next etc etc.
    When it gets to about 25% a thing will pop up asking for disk 2, unmount disk 1 and mount disc 2, repeat for disk 3 and 4, after it’s completed mount disk 1 again.
    For the english patch, install consolas font and then copy all of the .dat files from the folder into the BROCCOLI Dat folder and select ‘copy and replace’. Do the same for the Iks2DGrp.dll.

    You can unmount it and play it now!

  38. thatoneawesomedude says:

    Hey for anyone on windows 8.1, and having the problem where video will not play on full screen. Go to the GA application right click go to properties and under the compatibility set it to Windows 7. This solved all the issues I was having for the game and I was able to run it full screen with the videos playing full screen. You will know immediately if this worked for you if the Broccoli screen displays when you first start the game.

    • thatoneawesomedude says:

      Sorry I ment to say videos will not display you can still hear the video, but you can’t see anything.

      • David says:

        I did that and the broccoli video showed up bu the the main screen would load incredibly slowly it’s been five minutes and it still hasn’t finished

        • David says:

          I think I got it I ran the starter one with compatibility for windows 7 under resolution 1024 and full screen and it works so far

          • David says:

            The fix seems to be temporary and I have to restart the game every time and I get an error message saying exception access violation

  39. Ziiben says:

    I find myself really enjoying this series. I really like all the characters (which is rare, usually there’s at least one I can’t stand) and the story’s pretty good. I’m currently playing the third game. The romance is very innocent, which is the way I like it. There are no immature sex jokes or fanservice moments. It’s just really heartfelt and cute.

    The space battles may take a little while to get the hang of, so here’s some tips for beginners:

    1. Always keep watching the Elsior (your mothership) on the radar and map. If it gets attacked by multiple enemies at once it won’t hold out long, so make sure it’s far away from the enemy hordes. A good idea is to move it to an empty corner in the beginning of the battle.
    2. If enemy reinforcements appear out of nowhere and start attacking Elsior, order all Angels to come and attack those enemies, and order Elsior to move away. Never order Elsior to attack unless there’s only one or two enemies attacking it.
    3. It’s generally not a good idea to send an individual Angel in one direction, because they’ll be overpowered by numbers and won’t have time to be repaired if they’re too far from Vanilla (the healer). Always send all Angels to the same general direction. Sometimes they scatter around by default, so you have to order them instead of just watching them go kill themselves. The most effective way to wipe out enemies is to attack individual units in groups of 2 or 3.
    4. When there are only a few enemy units left, order all to attack them at the same time to destroy them quickly. At this point you don’t have to care even if your units are low on energy or HP.

    That’s all. Have fun. I sure did.

    PS. Mint is the best girl. ^_^

  40. Shirocpt says:

    anyone having trouble downloading the files? trying to dl the Movie files but the second part doesnt load

  41. Ykaruz says:

    I’m getting an error when I try to install the 1.10 Update. It shows an error message as soon as I execute it. Anyone knows what to do?

    • Ykaruz says:

      Alright, I just had to re-download it. But I still have another problem. After I begin a New Game it plays the intro video and the trailer, then it crashes. Any sugestions?

  42. Loser says:

    So I’ve been trying to play this game again after a few years but I can’t seem to make it work on my new computer. I either have no movies (black screen with sound), or movies with subtitles but the fps for the entire game is absolute crap.
    It was fine with my old computer, it had movies and played smoothly, any suggestions?

  43. KB001 says:

    Well, it took me a long while to get it all downloaded, installed and everything else, but it was worth the minor issues as I got it all working in the end.

    I love this game already, I shall have to play the next two when I can.

    Oh and I love all the Angels equally, I can’t pick a favourite. 😛

  44. haggy says:

    you need to copy CD1 and change the somethingsomething.txt in the directx folder on cd1 to お読みください.txt he’s requesting that file from cd1 and can’t find it because the name is not correct on your cd1

  45. tank says:

    anyone found a fix for the low frames rate?

  46. Silv says:



  47. Visual Novel Reader says:

    Sorry first for my bad English cause i’m not a native speaker
    This game is old but it is quite a good visual novel to play so to day i will make a full instruction for how to install Galaxy Angel

    —-Install the game—-
    – After axtract all files you downloaded, there are four iso files form CD1 to CD4 (but fear not :D)
    – Use programs like: “DAEMON Tools” or “UltraISO” to mount those iso files above
    (Personaly, I refer UltraISO more cause it easier to use)
    1st: Mount CD1 and start install Galaxy Angel
    Go here for more information:
    2nd: When it ask for CD2, unmount CD1, then mount CD2, press Ok
    (Repeat that step for CD3 and CD4)
    3rd: After installation nearly complete, it will ask for CD1 again to complete the installation.
    (it not a bug or anything just do as it say)
    4th: Install Patch 1.1

    —-Install English Patch—-
    1st: Movie sub
    + Extract 2 RAR files
    + Copy all of them into game directory\Dat
    + Overwrite all
    2nd: English Patch
    + Extract RAR file
    + Copy all of them into game directory and overwite all

    —-Can’t see game text fix—-
    – I have a same problem like that and this is how i fixed it
    – The cause is that you don’t have the correct fonts the game need
    (That is Consolas fonts)
    – Download it form here
    – Extract “Consolas.rar” and install all the fonts
    (Just copy all the fonts to Wndows\Fonts would be the easiest way)


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