Bunny Black 2

Bunny Black 2

The adventurer Dachs had been bestowed great magical power and eternal life by the maou, and in return he serves as her underling. However, he was dragged into a revolt by the maou’s army and ended up becoming the new maou. He made the previous maou his wife and brought peace to the labyrinth known as the ‘maou’s forest’… but it was soon shattered by some unknown troops who quickly took over half of the forest. After he found out through captured warriors that they were under the command of a group of three women from the heavens, he gathers his troops to launch a counterattack at the angels’ base.

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  1. maggot says:

    Every thing was okay when I was using win 7. I’ve switched to win 10 and now full screen is not working anymore. Any way I can fix it?

    • zekani says:

      step 1: right click the main exe.
      step 2: click the properties
      step 3: Click the compatibility
      step 4: Click the compatibility mod thats say (run thsi program in compatibility mode for:)
      step 5: click the windows 7
      step 6: click the apply button
      step 7: click ok and then open the exe file.

  2. Valeth says:

    For those who are having trouble getting the game to go to full screen mode, I found you press f10 on the keyboard to open up the options menu. From there on the right hand side, you will see Full Screen and a Hardware drop down box right below it. It should be set to something in Japanese by default. If you change it to 800 X 600 32 Bit then you should be able to change it to full screen mode. Hope it works for you

  3. Diran says:

    Does anyone have any idea where I may find the soundtrack for this game? I’m rather fond of ”Conqueror’s Right” ”Submission” ”Overlord” and ”Wild Hunt” and would love to be able to listen to them without having to have the game up all the time, as some of you may have noticed – the game sound is lowered upon clicking out of the game window. So it doesnt’ really do too much good if you wish to listen to music from it.. Any help would be appreciated. =)

    • Ryo Narushima says:

      hmm, not mocking you taste in music, but to me the tracks ”Conqueror’s Right” and ”Submission” sound almost like old school generic porno music to me.

      As for finding the music… beats me…

      Honestly, I just used something to record the music. In my case, I used camtasia, and converted the video, to an mp3. The tracks sounded perfect after I did that. You can also use other things like soundtap, to record it.

  4. Boboh says:


  5. Lixxur says:

    game crashes when i load a save file from the game it only happens in dungeon flame of valor 1F

  6. khuong huynh says:


  7. khuong huynh says:

    website is what

  8. Centrophy says:

    This is a good game. They made a lot of improvements over the first one like being able to go to whatever floor you want (no more needing to get a job on a specific floor), infinite inventory, no more locked boxes, and MP instead of limited number of uses for skills. I’m looking forward to the third one since this kind of ended on a cliff hanger.

  9. annoyed user says:

    Having problems downloading this. Smartscreen filter is convinced that the files are infected. Even turned off smartcreen filter while cringing and still no success. Hopefully didn’t get an assload of viruses for my trouble. :/ Whatever happened to mediafire?

  10. annoyed user says:

    Well, finally got the game downloaded, problem was something else but the English Patch had a Trojan in it. Fuck. I guess that’s what you have to deal with free shit.

  11. Having an issue says:

    Hey could someone help me? I downloaded both the game and the patch, applied it as directed and removed that file that you’re supposed to and I am able to get the title screen to load as well as start the game or prologue, but at the end of where the discussion of the angel attack in the throne room (and it seems like the scene is about to change) the game crashes. I’ve tried redownloading the game several times but same problem. I have Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Tedn says:

      I had a similar issue and found if returned ‘obj.vfs’ to its original name the game wouldn’t crash.. however items are not english patched anymore.

  12. DAHC13 says:

    Hi, I have a problem: When I enter to the zone of the first angel (fire inside the castle), the game stops working. And when I begin the game there goes out a message of alert that says that they do not find the saved files and install them in another folder. Please help, I have windows 7 installed in my pc.

  13. Renaru says:

    Is it possible for someone to find the BGM files of this game? I’d really like to know if I can listen to them out of the game without the sound being toned down..

  14. Don says:

    can’t seem to translate the game. already copied the eng patch though

  15. Livelysphinx says:

    My minimap is always zoomed in is there to zoom out to see the whole dungeon map??

  16. ALMIGHTY says:

    Hey guys, I’m stuck at the point in which I have to follow the second instruction of the notepad. It’s confuse, it says “Rename obj.vfs in game install directory” I can’t understand what it means. I have a folder named obj and a file named obj.vfs. What should I do next?

  17. Synn says:

    Game freezing after fights and sometimes after saving. Anyone has this issue or have a fix?

  18. Redfren says:

    Going from Bunny Black to Bunny Black 2 is a big learning curve. The first problem I noticed was that items, and other key features were not in English. This isn’t true however I was just not paying attention.
    –To make the game full English open your bunny black 2 folder after everything is setup including your English patch. Look for a file called (( obj file setup )) click this and the game will be fully translated into English, all items, spells etc.
    –Next problem was the full screen but reading above that’s already been noted push F10 select 800×600 and your set to go.
    –Windows 10 compatibility will resolve most problems regarding crashing set it to windows 7, Just to be safe I also ran as admin.

    I hope this helps a few people with the setup and the English patch. Best of luck everyone.

  19. VAN says:

    YO WE NEED BUNNY BLACK 3 and translated i would pay XD cant just 1 and 2 you gotta give us number 3 as well

  20. Arkinous says:

    Admin the patch for bunny black has been updated to 1.06

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