Absolute Obedience

Absolute Obedience
Welcome, one and all, to our little Agency. I’m sure that at one time or another, you’ve felt frustrated by the actions of a certain troublesome individual, who always seems to make your life more difficult. You know the feeling — through no fault of your own, your every step is hindered by the actions of someone who’s been born onto this Earth just to trip you up?

That’s where our Agency comes in. With just one word from you, our special volunteer staff will happily lay a complex trap for the individual who causes you so much frustration, and exact sweet revenge on the troublemaker for you, turning their life into exactly the kind of living hell you want. We’ll make them surrender totally to our will, force them into perfect obedience while we punish them for the crime of tormenting you. Of course, we use the word “volunteer” loosely. Payment is always required for our services, but don’t worry — we’ll never ask you for money.

1. Extract archive(s)
2. Burn or mount Absolute Obedience Cd1.cue
3. Run setup.exe
4. When asked to mount Absolute Obedience Cd2.cue
5. Play the game.

169 Responses to “Absolute Obedience”

  1. Sora says:

    I’m new to downloading games. May I know how to extract? (step 1)

    • Umaesu says:

      If you have WinRar, what you can do is highlight what you need to extract and right click. If I am correct, there should be an option that says ‘extract to’. If I am wrong, someone please tell me. There also should be an extract button up at the top. Again, if I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

  2. mikan says:

    please help me,I’ve installed until step three, but I can not play,the option game start won’t run ,also i’ve mounted cd2.cue

    well >< i dont know how to install it correctly,
    can someone help me please….

    sorry if my englih bad,help me

  3. Kuro says:

    I need help please. I clicked on the link and it lead me to downloadani.me and it says pending approval. How do I download this game ?

    • technogir1 says:

      ok unless you are a paid member of the site you have to do the free download and enter the captcha at the bottom of the page and wait for the download link to appear. But with being a free downloader you can only download files up to 200mb hope this helps.

  4. Mika says:

    I’m so confused – I downloaded the different parts separately and DTlite, the program tells me to insert a disk2, but it seems that there’s not enough place to save it. Please help..

  5. Yuki says:

    I’m having no trouble mounting the first disc, but then when it sayd I have to insert disc 2, and I mount that one, it does nothing. Help? -.-“

  6. Koshomi says:

    Hey there, I tired to download the game (DA-free dl)- but when I tried to extract, the programm sais: data on cd1.bin is damaged.
    can nearly open nothing. Isnt it possible, that u can make a video how to run that game?

  7. Koshomi says:

    and in addition – I do not see any setup.exe

    • Lilith says:

      You need a psp simulator in order to make the game work. I´m using the ppssp, that works really well so try donwloading it :3

  8. nekochanorz says:

    it says “Please insert disk 2 into optical disc drive [G:]

    What did I do wrong? D:

  9. Rasa says:

    Question! Is this the JAST version or a fan-translated version of the game? 😀


  10. Maeko says:

    Hi, when I click on \ Game Start\, the window closes and the game don’t start =/ nothing happend.. (sorry for my english ^^’)

  11. amanda says:

    I have a file opener for this format but when I try to use it for this game it says it is a password protected file… what would the password be?

  12. amanda says:

    I was finally able to download deamon tools and get all the parts mounted but now my computer won’t open the location says its unformatted what do I do?

  13. izumi55 says:

    may I ask? is it in English or Japanese? Thankyou 😀

  14. Naru says:

    When I click start game then nothing happens

  15. MahiMajo says:

    I don’t know what to do after downloading the file…O_O
    Is my computer just retarded or something
    I tried following the steps put there but nothing works…*sigh*

  16. skribbles says:

    The first link (DA-1click) says the file is not found… Just thought you should know.

  17. Blueberry says:

    I have a little problem when mounting the second disk.
    I first:
    1) extracted the 6 “free” files since I’m not a registered user. Got like 4 discs. 2 for Daemon and 2 for ISO. I used the ones for Daemon.
    2) mounted the first disc as a visual drive on Daemon tools
    3) clicked setup for it
    4) when it was downloading it asked for the second disc
    So I assumed I must mount again on that same drive with the second disc thing, I did that. Pretty much deleted all the data from the first disc. (like deleting disc 1 completely by over mounting with disc 2)
    installation was completed…
    5) i remounted the first CD and started the game, (which pretty much deleted everyone on the second disc)
    Game works fine just no sound, and can’t save, and can’t load.
    I’m assuming all this is from the missing, deleted, overlapped second disc.
    Can someone tell me how to mount the 2nd disc properly without overlapping and deleting the other disc? Thanks!

    • Blueberry says:

      My bad. I only have problems with sound…I don’t think I have any problems…I’m going to go to a computer technician some time later because my sound practically doesn’t work in any downloadable games.

  18. acph says:

    I couldn’t play it I had problems with the installing ‘cuz the parts cant be mounted something about cd 2 I dunno ;_____; I tried everything I could

  19. Ren says:

    I installed the game but when I click to start the game, the window will open but it’s all white? What do I do?

  20. dante says:

    arigatou its works!!! and its in english!

  21. Ariel says:

    Hello and thank you very much for uploading! Unfortunately I have a little (actually fatal) problem with it. I had the game mounted and installed correctly, I even got to the first scenario where Gallacher (the butler?) introduced his masters’ adventure and got shut up by the masters. But then the music starts (assuming introduction video plays/ change of scenario) and the game just dies there, not responding!!! I tried everything, I turned off the effect option in the game, changed system locale to japanese, flicked between full screen and window option, but nothing happened! My processor is an i5 4200 so I don’t think that is the problem 🙁 I tried reinstalling the game so many times but nothing changed! Do you happen to know what the problem is?

  22. Jessica says:

    i click on game start but nothing happens >_<
    i need help

  23. haruKama says:

    Uhm, excuse me.
    •I’ve extracted all 6 files, and received 4 discs.
    •After that I used Daemon Tools Lite to mount the first cd. I tried installing it after that.
    •Then I was required to insert the 2nd cd on the same place as the 1st cd was placed at. So I did that, and… nothing happened.
    •So I just created another virtual device for the 2nd cd.
    •I repeated what I did but that didn’t do anything at all.

    Am I doing something wrong? After the third step, am I supposed to press something? After mounting the 2nd cd on the 1st cd, it does nothing at all. I don’t know what to do. Please help. :’|

    • Proximal says:

      after installing the 1st cd there will be a box (something like that) that will ask you to insert cd 2.

      well don’t close this box & directly replace cd 1 w/ cd2 using daemon tools then go over the box again (the box that ask u to replace cd 1 w/ cd 2) & press retry button so it will automatically continue the download for u

      if it still does not work then my diagnosis is incorrect, forgive me

      Gd noon! 🙂

      • Aoi-Chan says:

        IT WORKED,THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^^ I was so confused of what to do but now,i can play it! Again.thank you!

  24. Aoi Hikari says:

    I’ve been trying to download a file but on the website that the file links me to I have to enter these captchas and it won’t let me download. ;^;

    • _klaus says:

      Yep, you have to enter the indicated captcha on the picture(it may be a phrase or word). And there should be a timer (120sec) before you’re able to download the file.

      • Aoi Hikari says:

        I know but even when I enter it correctly it doesn’t let me download and it says wrong captchas.

      • Aoi Hikari says:

        I know the captchas usually contain low resolution images of numbers or street signs and even when I enter the correct digits or words it thinks I’m entering it incorrectly.

  25. MeMeChan says:

    When it asked you to mounted the cd cue2, you open Daemon Tools Lite, Delete the previous Cd1 cue and mount the 2nd one, kay ?

  26. Proximal says:

    it seems to be asking for disc 2? 0.0 I cannot run it at all. How to get that disc 2? I’ve downloaded all so what went wrong?

  27. Yukki says:

    How do you burn/mount the files? I’m having a bit of trouble with that

    • Nolongerknown says:

      You have to download Daemon tools for free, which is available via a link on this site however even after you do that I wouldn’t recommend this game, since it still cannot be downloaded even after downloading it because of the second disc you’re required to download which cannot be downloaded.

      The complete silence from the admins about this problem is a little annoying and the solutions on this page make no sense.

      “Just open Daemon tools” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

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