ef – a fairy tale of the two – Walkthrough

ef – a fairy tale of the two English game download


01. Follow Miyamura

save – 1

02. Just go home
03. Go out and see Miyako
04. Find out what’s happening
05. Stand by Miyako

save – 2

06. I want to film her after all
07. Don’t kiss her

save – 3

08. Reject it

-=BAD END #1=-

load – 1

02. Check up on Kei

save – 4

03. Go out and see Miyako
04. Don’t worry, be happy

save – 5

05. Stand by Miyako

-=BAD END #2=-

load – 4

03. Work comes first

-=BAD END #3=-

load – 5

05. I can’t just ditch Kei

-=BAD END #4-5=-

load – 2

06. I can’t betray the film club
07. Hold my peace
08. What is wrong with me? and What is wrong with her?

-=BAD END #6=-

load – 3

08. Accept her request

14 comments on “ef – a fairy tale of the two – Walkthrough

  1. Is this walkthrouth the same for EF the first tale ? Because I don’t reach choices after i kept “i want to film her after all”

  2. Yeah it’s kinda sad that each protagonist gets a certain girl. That’s what got me a bad end we I played it blindly

  3. This looks… challenging, hmmm

    Thanks for posting out the walkthrough tho, let see if the game will be similar to the anime

    1. This game has several protagonists and several girls, however each male can end up with specific girl – ie. you can’t get KuzexMiyamura pairing.

    1. Sadly, you don’t get a choice. =/
      There’s the good end, or the bad end…You can only end up with one girl.

  4. 6 bad endings and I assume the last part (accept request) is a good ending? that’s a lot of bad endings… but I do remember the ef-tale of memories anime was super super sad… never watched tale of melodies yet.

  5. very straightforward…

    before playing ef, i read this one. i thought playing ef would be as simple as this. NO.

    it took me at least 1 day for each choice to appear..shoot..
    haha, at least i enjoyed this..after playing it for 1 month..
    of course it’s not continuous play..LOL

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