ef – a fairy tale of the two – Walkthrough

ef – a fairy tale of the two English game download


01. Follow Miyamura

save – 1

02. Just go home
03. Go out and see Miyako
04. Find out what’s happening
05. Stand by Miyako

save – 2

06. I want to film her after all
07. Don’t kiss her

save – 3

08. Reject it

-=BAD END #1=-

load – 1

02. Check up on Kei

save – 4

03. Go out and see Miyako
04. Don’t worry, be happy

save – 5

05. Stand by Miyako

-=BAD END #2=-

load – 4

03. Work comes first

-=BAD END #3=-

load – 5

05. I can’t just ditch Kei

-=BAD END #4-5=-

load – 2

06. I can’t betray the film club
07. Hold my peace
08. What is wrong with me? and What is wrong with her?

-=BAD END #6=-

load – 3

08. Accept her request

14 Responses to “ef – a fairy tale of the two – Walkthrough”

  1. Shanako says:

    Oh well, I just done the bad ending, and I get all the CG, so I guess this is ok xD

  2. Shanako says:

    Is this walkthrouth the same for EF the first tale ? Because I don’t reach choices after i kept “i want to film her after all”

  3. MadNinja says:

    Yeah it’s kinda sad that each protagonist gets a certain girl. That’s what got me a bad end we I played it blindly

  4. Anon says:




  5. OtakuFrenzy says:

    This looks… challenging, hmmm

    Thanks for posting out the walkthrough tho, let see if the game will be similar to the anime

  6. iPurple says:

    wth?who says u can only end up with one girl?

    • admin says:

      This game has several protagonists and several girls, however each male can end up with specific girl – ie. you can’t get KuzexMiyamura pairing.

  7. Thousand Eye says:

    this makes no sense…where are the choices for each character?

    maybe im just retarded

    • Yvonne says:

      Sadly, you don’t get a choice. =/
      There’s the good end, or the bad end…You can only end up with one girl.

  8. Rhian says:

    6 bad endings and I assume the last part (accept request) is a good ending? that’s a lot of bad endings… but I do remember the ef-tale of memories anime was super super sad… never watched tale of melodies yet.

  9. awkwardusername says:

    very straightforward…

    before playing ef, i read this one. i thought playing ef would be as simple as this. NO.

    it took me at least 1 day for each choice to appear..shoot..
    haha, at least i enjoyed this..after playing it for 1 month..
    of course it’s not continuous play..LOL

  10. zeroj says:

    thanks lol

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