Grisaia no Kajitsu

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Mihama Academy – on the surface, a closed learning environment established to nurture students who find themselves at odds with the world around them; in actuality, an orchard-cum-prison built to preserve fruit that has fallen too far from its tree.

Whatever the circumstances behind its establishment, Mihama Academy is at present home to five female students, all with their own reasons for “enrollment.” For better or worse, each girl has established a routine obliging of her current situation; life moves at an idle, yet accommodating pace within the walls of Mihama.

Yet with the arrival of the institute’s first male student, the nearly preposterously opaque Kazami Yuuji, the students at Mihama begin to fall out of step with their predetermined rhythms. Will Yuuji prove to be the element the girls around him needed to take hold of their lives once more, or will the weight of their pasts prove too steep a wall to overcome?

And in the first place, just who is Kazami Yuuji? While the true nature of the “job” he is wont to alight to at the most haphazard of moments remains shrouded in secrecy, one thing is for certain – his encroachment upon the quiet orchard known as Mihama Academy will prove itself momentous in one way or another. And of course, one cannot discount the possibility that perhaps Yuuji himself carries the weightiest past of any of the students…

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  1. when loners says:

    Does anyone know the difference between this one and the other fruit of grisaia on this sight?

  2. Wyeeeeee says:

    How can I install this? After extracting files and opening the EXE it keeps making errors what should I do?

  3. mitchy says:

    is their a uncensored r18 patch for steam?

  4. KnowingEyes says:

    Another one that is not on the ‘Downloads’ list (both names – ENG / JAP).

  5. TONY says:

    is this Visual Novel didn’t release uncensored patch?

    Still waiting for that patch…

  6. Zetsu says:

    Hi and Ty admin to upload thi Vns, i need just one info: where i can find the gallery where are collected all scenes and pics;

    if u notice this message and u cna answer it i’ll be really greeted

  7. ethan2111 says:

    Admin pls help I extracted the 31 part files and it only shows Grisaia .mdf and .mds file when I used the application 1.0 it asks for a folder location when I inputted the folder location it says that there is no working program in location and asks that I redo it when I tried again it still doesn’t work what should I do?

  8. Broseph says:

    Managed to install it anyways is there an english patch that you can provide or am I gonna have to hunt it down?

  9. Broseph says:

    So I managed to download everything and now I get this picture:

    Any suggestions on what to do?

  10. Pluere says:

    hello.I’ve finised downloading all the stuff but when i want to install it,the interface are all in japanese and i don’t understand a bit.can anyone help me,I really want play this

  11. bm says:

    can you upload denpasoft 18+ version please?

  12. dno says:

    Part 29 seems to not be working, would love it if this could get fixed soon 🙂

  13. Ousel says:

    Is this censored or un?

  14. Jay says:

    Will the patch work with Steam version?

  15. tristan says:

    Hey when i download this it just the sam Mdf file over and over again, what do i do??? (running windows 10)

  16. nasir3000 says:

    HOLY SHIT! I went to sleep with my hand on the skip button for 5 HOURS, and it’s skipping! This gonna be a long summer.

  17. Edogawaconan says:

    I played this game for the first time. I only saw Makinas’ route. Did I missed some parts or did I just made mistakes in choosing the right routes?

  18. nasir3000 says:


  19. chris says:

    I installed the game it works perfectly but then i was saving and all…and after i quit the game and came back my data wasnt there i spent 2 hours…can someone help how to not lose my data plz!

  20. Zero Cool says:

    Is there any other VN similar to Yumiko route? I really liked her character (Yuuji as well of course) and I would love to see something similar. Dunno where to look or what to ask for, so can anyone help me with this?

  21. Jonathan says:

    Hey there mate, is this the 18+ jap version ?

  22. AvidReader110 says:

    Hey, I’m trying to uninstall this game in preparation for the legal unrated download coming soon, but I can’t seem to get the Japanese version of the file off my computer, since it seems like it can’t find the proper files to run the uninstall program.

    Any ideas on how to get it going?

  23. LameChicken says:

    Admin. May I know why I am unable to download the parts of this VN?
    I have tried a few times to download it but everytime they tell me that the webpage is not available. Please do help me if possible.

  24. Katase says:

    I’m confused how come the english patch is more MB? does that mean I have to download all 31 parts also? I’m like a few hours new to these btw thanks in advance

  25. Rene says:

    I had the same problem. Already found the solution: You need to run the English patch also with Applocale and choose Japanese as language.

  26. TeeLovesThisGame says:

    hello all. For those wondering if Grisaia no Kaijutsu can be played on a Mac the answer is YES! I am currently using the Yosemite version of a Macbook and I have been reading Grisaia for going on 20 hours. As it is a PC game you cannot naturally play it but using Wineskin will allow you to play the Fan translated version(it isn’t necessarily difficult to do but you do need a vague knowledge of how they work as well as looking up how to translate the text so that the english patch works. BUT. If you can devote the fifteen minutes to learning(Google is your friend) you can most definitely play. Back to my game. If anyone needs a walkthrough I will be happy to help as someone helped me. God speed.

    • Lol says:

      I’m stuck at part 19 for the extraction. I re-downloaded it but nothing changed. Can someone help me with this?

    • Please? says:

      Can I cash in for that wineskin walkthrough you so graciously offered to give? I’ve scoured google and have been at it for HOURS… but all I keep getting is the ‘Oops! not found/c-drive’ error. :/ I’d really appreciate the help; I wanna play this vn like whoa….

      Thanks in advance!

  27. Someone you know says:

    can we only install the uncensored patch like “if my heart had wings”?

  28. Mikey says:

    When I try to run the english patch it says “The folder you selected does not appear to have a valid version of the game installed. Please double check you’ve selected the correct folder and try again.” Please help.

    • TeeLovesThisGame says:

      You must have the japanese version on your computer already or the english patch will have nothing to patch up. I got mine from a “seedy” website but the patch above definitely works I just didn’t feel like downloading bit by bit. But find the japanese version and it will automatically work.

    • Webkai says:

      I didn’t find any japanese versions, it’s just Grisaia no Kajitsu Enghlish 1.1 T___________T

  29. Rene says:

    English patch won’t install. It claims that the selected directory doesn’t contain a valid version of the game.

  30. leo says:

    help pls… im looking for the save file of the grisaia can u kindly pls. help me

  31. Izanagi90 says:

    Hi, thanks for this game admin, it’s really really good, but I have a little doubt, Grisaia is a trilogy, so, there’s some kind of way or posibility that the other 2 games will have a patch in english?

  32. ImSoCloseToPlayingIt says:

    Hi, thanks for this. I’ve downloaded this, but I’m still not able to start the exe in the .mdf, It just pops up a chunk of japanese words which I don’t understand. I think It is something related to the version of the game, if not, it should be something about missing files? I’m not sure. I’d appreciate if I could get any help.

    Thanks in advance ><

  33. ThyFish says:

    Thanks for the upload! I seem to be having trouble with the english patch. After unzipping all the files for the game, I go on to the pact hand select the file the game is in. However, all it said was that the folder I selected did not contain a a valid version of the game installed. Plz help

  34. Ookami-kun says:

    Im having trouble installing this. when i open up the folder all it contains is 2 MDS files and a internet shortcut. i downloaded all 31 parts too.

    Is there a special step im supposed to be taking?

    Can somebody please lend me a hand?

    • admin says:

      .mds/.mdf are disc image files (kinda like .iso) – refer to site’s FAQ section for instruction on how to use them.

  35. nkbsteam says:

    I wanna know, because i saw the Anime the 2 seasons.. and geez… this VN have lots of words.. and little choices as far i can see..

    i made a STOP of the game because i wanna know this things before continue:

    1)How many routes are?

    2)When is the day you choose the Route to follow.

    3)How many day to choose you have? i mean, in witch time you can choose, help the girl or else.

    More than nothing i want to know the Routes.. and hope this game can follow all the girl routes.. even the Principal (or at least the rest.. including JB or just the girls) instead of 1 or 2..

    Can anybody answer it please? u.u

  36. zoro says:

    so is there 2nd and 3rd seasons available ?

  37. YumejixD says:

    Hey 😀 Question: Are this really only Makina Route? I would like to play Amane’s Route :/.

    I’m Glad if somebody answers plss:) <3

  38. andyx98 says:

    Is this the un-censored japanese version of the game? Also if it is the link to the english patch will translate it to english, right?

  39. Ichihi says:

    the game has compatibility with Windows 8? because I’m going to install more is giving error in the process, is this helping me?

  40. Solus says:

    Man… Just going through Amane’s route atm… And reading the outcome of Ochi’s mother upset me deeply :/

    Gonna go see my mum and tell her that she’s the best and I love her, ’cause who knows when you might never see them again and under what circumstances :'(

    Make sure you guys/gals take care of your parents!

  41. JackS says:

    Is there an uncensored patch around? In the works? Or not at all? Cause UPG (Unidentified Pixelated Genitalia ) kinda drags me outta the story haha =/.

    Either way really enjoying this VN xD just a shame that the fullscreen is a terrible resolution for meh =/.

    • admin says:

      Currently there’s none. You can wait for official English release of adult version (only all-ages steam version is available now) by Sekai Project – it’ll have uncensored genitalia.

  42. AmaneMochizuki says:

    Do I really need to be a member to the link of where the download is? And if so, is it really a legit website? Don’t want to be conned into something that won’t work.

    • admin says:

      I always provide two sets of links – DA-1Click requires registration (and payment) on that website, but the split into 200MB chunks version under “DA-Free” can be download for free, without registration (albeit with maximum download speed capped). As for legitimacy – I’ve been using that host to provide the files for roughly 3 years and never heard any complaints from users about getting scammed.

  43. SomeOneYouKnow says:

    Is this The Official Release Of The Game Or the English Patch??

  44. KeyZ09 says:

    I saw the anime and wanted to try the game.
    Does anyone know if and how this can be played on a Mac OS X system?

    • admin says:

      This is Windows game, but should run fine on Macs if you have some kind of emulator (I’m not familiar with MacOS – never used it.).

      • Fennek_Kaipii says:

        He will need “Bootcamp” on his Mac and install a Windows 7 (I recommend it) on the Bootcam enviroment.

        Then he can play a lot of Windows games on that.

    • TeeLovesThisGame says:

      You do not need to download Bootcamp. Wineskin works just as well and it’s actually easier and less time consuming. And no I am not a tech guru I am a twenty year old dropout who loves eroge. Attention span of a chicken tender. And I am playing it. The longest/hardest part is downloading the actual game file.

  45. josh kim says:

    is there a install process i can read through

  46. Chris Shade says:

    Apparently the official English version has more CG than the fan-translated version

  47. Jazzimus~Rider32 says:

    hey is this in english and is it the 18+ game due to i been loving the anime and i am dieing to play this.

  48. rain says:

    hey guys can you show me how to install this? cause i’m freaking out that i’m find out that neither both installer and application are there!!! T-T show it how works so i can play this…..

  49. jerr says:

    hey can somebody help me, this is my first time playing VN and i don’t know how to play the game….. Do i really need daemon tools to play the game cause i don’t have daemon tools?

  50. bruh says:

    can u play it on a mac

    • TeeLovesThisGame says:

      BRUUUH. Wineskin. I know I know you heard of it and it probably sounds lame but you have the capacity to play ANY visual novel on the mac. I just got my mac a few months ago and after I downloaded the wineskin and watched a brief tutorial on youtube I was able to play this. I started with Muv Luv(hated it and couldn’t even get to Alternate) as well as Fate/Stay Night. It is worth it. IF AAAAAANYONE needs help post on one of my comments. WE MAC LOVERS DESERVE VISUAL NOVEL GOODNESS TOO. Just know that the tradeoff is that you won’t be able to see any in-game videos like the opening. But if you can deal with it and watch them OUTSIDE the game then everything else is golden.

      • Nathan223 says:

        How would I install this in Mac???

        • ayyy lmao says:

          get Winebottler, either find the setup executable, or the actual game executable, and use Winebottler on it (using setup options for the setup executable, or packaging the .exe and folder contents into a .app folder if it’s just the game and data files)

    • TeeLovesThisGame says:

      BRUUUH. . I know I know you heard of it and it probably sounds lame but you have the capacity to play ANY visual novel on the mac. I just got my mac a few months ago and after I downloaded the wineskin and watched a brief tutorial on youtube I was able to play this. I started with Muv Luv(hated it and couldn’t even get to Alternate) as well as Fate/Stay Night. It is worth it. IF AAAAAANYONE needs help post on one of my comments. WE MAC LOVERS DESERVE VISUAL NOVEL GOODNESS TOO. Just know that the tradeoff is that you won’t be able to see any in-game videos like the opening. But if you can deal with it and watch them OUTSIDE the game then everything else is golden.

    • Ucanplayonmac says:

      With the new Os you can install windows on boot camp pretty easily, look into it

  51. lex says:

    hi guys I just downloaded the game and ive heard of having routed for each character but I haven’t gotten anything that could give a choice right now im at big idiot and fake tsundere is it after that or do anything to download something else to get it

  52. abz says:

    I’ve managed to get the japanese version up and running and I’ve downloaded the patch however I cant seem to get the patch running, it keeps saying that the the folder you selected does not seems to have the valid file. I do though and I am confused. I would appreciate your help


  53. vradish says:

    uhm, just a quick question..
    Will I have to use daemon tools just once and then be able to play the VN without them, or will I have to keep using them? I’m kinda new to this since all the VNs I’ve played before this were for android and when I played F/SN I didn’t need to use them. (I’m using my brother’s laptop and he doesn’t like it when I download anything on it ._.)
    Thanks in advance!

    • Sengen_Taisha says:

      Hi! I’ve just downloaded the game too, and like you, I’m also new to VNs and stuff. Yes, you do need to use the daemon tool to play the VN. But I think it’s a 1-shot thing and you can uninstall the daemon tool after installing the game successfully. I just uninstalled it and the game’s working fine 🙂

  54. MaceOfSpades says:

    Any word on when the next two installments of this game will see a translation? 😮

  55. Starstallion says:

    So I seem to have the issue with saving that a couple of other people have. i found the startup.xml file and was told to change




    However I can’t save the changes to the file. The properties state it is a “read only” and “archive” file and denies me access to change this. replacing the startup.xtml file with an edited copy also does not work.

    Does anyone have any further help?

    • Buranku says:

      there is your solve
      In the config folder you find startup.xml file. Open this in notepad and look for lines:


      And change it to:


      then try save data. after folder crate change back. i have try and that work.

      • leo says:

        do u mean I need to go to notepad and change to
        .\save I did it but my game is not working anymore??? help pls sry. for being noob

  56. Last says:

    Where do I install the english patch?

  57. leo says:

    when Im trying to extract all the files using winrar it said corrupted files , the files is too big for my computer , and then I place it on my usb 32gb. still not enough space kindly someone help me pls…im begging u

  58. leo says:

    so sad I really want to play this game but ,,, and I download all the parts and try to extract with winrar and I got A problem it said that part 5,16,17,29,30 our corrupted and thats not all the file is to big I think its 6gb.+ it took me 2 days to download all the files…it said not enough space in my computer and then I put it in my USB 32gb.? still not enough space
    pls help me…im crying pls help me…. sry for my bad english

  59. YourSenpai says:

    I know this is late and all but i have found a solution to the ‘This file does not have a valid version of the game error’. If you have seen this error then i assume you have mounted the grisia file and have installed the game. Well anyways if you got this error here is something that worked for me. First you make a new folder. Then you copy all the files in the grisia image you mounted over to the new folder you made. Once this is done you open the english patch click on browse select the new folder you made click next and it should work..

  60. xspe says:


  61. meieru says:

    after your first route clear

  62. Masaki says:

    Just downloaded the game . but when I browse the destination folder . I choose the new folder or the folder that is free . but when I click next it says ” the folder you selected is not the valid version you selected . please double check the youve selected the folder and try again ” .

  63. Autum says:

    Finish one route, including the ending credits to unlock

  64. Kuro says:

    Can someone tell me how i come to the scene gallery menu ? i first thought there is no option for it but i seen it on a video

  65. Gh0st says:

    Question; Is there a way to change the font?

    I’m having an issue playing this VN on my laptop. Some words are too close together and I can barely make out what it says. It’s fine on my desktop. I tried it both in windowed mode and full screen and same thing happens.

  66. Badwater says:

    After having watched the anime, I was not prepared for how good this game really is. It’s funny in a way the anime never was, and Yuuji’s thoughts are entertaining in ways that the anime would never be able to touch.

    If you have not watched the anime, do that first. It’s a decent anime. Then play the game, and you’ll understand why I like it so much. 🙂

  67. AgentXvx says:

    Hey Can you guys still install grisaia? It seems that i can’t do it anymore, there’s a message:


    Can anybody please help me? 🙁

    • Badwater says:

      I just installed with no problems. The disc needs to be mounted and I installed before using the English patch. There’s nonsense but if you click on the boxes that look like they’d logically be the ones to work then the game will install. Then have the English patch in the Grisaia folder, run the .exe and everything should be working fine from there. I’ve played just a bit into the game to make sure it works and I’m having no issues.

  68. Barry Liu says:

    Whenever I play the game, after the part where Yuuji is done introducing himself to Yumiko the screen turns black and my game crashes. It says the program is not responding and its a “cs2” error. I have tried to look online but the information was not helpful. Could anyone help me with this?

    • Badwater says:

      A concern of mine is that I hope I extracted all of the free download files and that I did it in the right order. Depending on what kind of time you have invested, you might re-extract and install to make sure there wasn’t something accidentally missed or out of order.

  69. replying says:

    You gotta download all the parts, then when thats done you can extract all the files into one using \WinRAR\ by right clicking then choosing \Extract all files to specified folder\ then when thats finished, check downloads and you got the folder,, but you still can’t access it because its a Mdf file, so go back on winrar, go to that file you just made, then access it using winRAR, then go down to \Grisaia—–Application\ when you click on it it should boot the game, but in this case it should be japanese, so exit out then click the english patch download and then go through the installment process, if the file is not specified to where the english patch will be going, then locate the folder that holds the \Grisaia application\ when thats done, install it and boot up the game, it should be in english.

  70. Trong says:

    When I extracted all 31 parts, I was only able to get 3 files,
    Grisaia.mdf Grisaia.mds and

  71. Luther says:

    This aready has the H scenes right?

  72. CasaNova73099 says:

    Never mind: I figured it out. Mounted the wrong image.

  73. alexuh55 says:

    do I need daemon tool to play it?

  74. Firion says:

    For some reason when I go full screen it won’t stretch, it’s just the game window surrounded by black, and my mouse cursor can’t leave the window. Any ideas what’s up? I am running 1600×900 as my resolution and when I first started the game I clicked on windowed.

  75. human says:

    which one should i download? da-free:game download or english patch

  76. in need of help says:

    after i downloaded the 6gb file, it had a .mdf and mds file. what am i suppose to do now?

  77. Boob-chan says:

    how the fuck do i download this? Like do i download all of these ? DA-1click: Game Download, DA-free: Game Download, DA-free: English Patch Download?, please give a full guide on how to do this!!

    • Asakura Yusuke says:

      Da-1 click- for registered/premium user to download large single file.
      Da-free is for non-register/free user to download parts of a large files.

      Therefor you need to download the 6GB game and the patch.

      Kurumu Tokisaki:
      October 28, 2014 at 11:37 am

      Here is the CODE

  78. Jack says:

    AVG detects a Trojan horse Agent5.DC0 in uninst.exe when I mount the image. Anyone else getting this?

  79. luchan says:

    do i just download the 5.9gb or do i download each part individually?

    • admin says:

      It’s the same end result – both 6gb and multipart contains exactly the same content after extracting. If you have downloadani premium then use 1-click (much easier to download), if you don’t, then download free 200mb parts one by one.

      • Passerby says:

        Yo admin, can you give me some directions, so i downloaded the 31 files and the english patch, do i still need to mount them or can i do it basically by extracting it 1by1?

        • admin says:

          Extract first part (WinRAR will extract files from following parts automatically), mount the game .iso file, install the game, install the English patch. (You need to change to Japanese locale before playing. Refer to site’s faq for instructions).

          • Gaporigo says:

            Quick question, how do i install the English patch? I downloaded all the parts, installed the game, changed my pc to Japanese, downloaded the patch and…. now what? How do i install it?? Thank you!!!!

  80. xnatsu24 says:

    I can’t seem to enter sachi’s route. when i choose whether or not to praise sachi, both of them goes directly to michiru’s route..what to do?

    • Mada says:

      To start Sachi’s Route you have to have the prerequistes done right, unlike the other routes…
      On the main route when you encounter sachi in the neighbourhood, help her carry the bags, then when she carries the boxes in the school, help her again; Also when you have to pick a nickname pick Mr. Standoffish Man one, then after you play Xtreme Typos game with her Praise Sachi and you will finally start her route.
      Have Fun!

  81. azzura says:

    this game is great,I am impatient with the sequel

    i hope you find any sequel of grisaia like meikyuu,off course with the english patch.

    thanks for this game and the english patch ^_^

  82. azzura says:

    this game is great,I am impatient with the sequel
    i hope you find any sequel of grisaia like meikyuu,off course with the english patch.

    thanks for this game and the english patch ^_^

  83. Taiga says:

    Will this game work on Windows 8.1? Thanks!

  84. Krakasaurus says:

    Can anyone tell me how to start Amane route? I accidentally started Sachi route, and I am not sure if routes are predetermined, or I can actually chose them. If I cant and they are linear, which is the order after Sachi?

  85. Stormbring3r says:

    So I try running the bootmenu but an error comes up two seconds in, something to do with the “boot.dfn” My locale is in japanese and I run in admin mode. Help anyone?

  86. ArKaMuH says:

    Is the part 2 okay? I have a problem Downloading it though…. Reply is appreciated

  87. Anon says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! Need immediate Answer, why when i unzip all file only have 3 files??

  88. Help says:

    “the folder you selected does not appear to have a valid version of the game installed. please double check you’ve selected the correct folder and try again.” what do i do??

  89. HelloItsMe says:

    Hello , When I extract a file it propose me something to write ( I can browse etc.. ) and the code doesn’t work , what I can do ? Please :p

    Sorry for my english x)I think , there are a lot of mistakes xD

  90. kingboo says:

    i dont know how to intall this or antyhing im toataly someone help

  91. kingboo says:

    so once i install all the parts how do i install them im totaly new to this

  92. az says:

    “the folder you selected does not appear to have a valid version of the game installed. please double check you’ve selected the correct folder and try again.” anyone can help me about this?

  93. prajjwal says:

    I have downloaded all parts what is next to do ??

  94. gerald says:

    i would like to ask but when will meikyuu will published here? i reallyy want to continue this VN T_T

  95. Vondoom says:

    Hey guys, so yeah I just really want to get this off of my chest really… So if you really hate spoilers even the TINIEST ones then please don’t read this any further…tnx
    So basically I just want to tell you guys about my thoughts for each route… Oh and I’ve ranked the routes according to my personal preference and everything that I say are just opinions of mine, also before the flag choices there are three common choices that you will encounter, so when I say “flag choice” that means this choice will be after those choices and will let you enter a heroines route.Lastly, feel free to express your thoughts as well. 🙂

    Rank 5th: Michiru = I place her here, because although the plot was interesting, her character was kinda irritating for me, fortunately, that irritation was then removed after I read her back story. Her back story gives her enough justice to act the way she is, which is also very good, because it essentially gives her character flesh and just some typical character cut-out. What brings her to this rank though is the ending… Granted I have played Michiru’s route in the 4th playthrough, but her ending, compared to the other endings… is just too clean… yes that’s the word…Too clean. But the overall story is fine including the lesson you get from the story, so in my opinion play this route first, in order to have an initial build up for the upcoming emotional train. 🙂

    Rank 4th: Yumiko = So the story of this girl reminds me of some cheesy love story, the reason why she stands in this rank is because in order to reach her route, you must go through every other heroines flags, which in simpler terms her flag choice is in the end of all of those flags, and mind you this game is 5.9 Gigs, That clearly indicates that there is so much plot in this game, now even though there was so much plot in this, Yumiko gave me the least interaction out of all the other heroines, this problem is obviously gone though when you enter her route. But considering her flag choice is at the end, I think more build up was needed in order to really connect with her, but that aside, her story is touching, it is about forgiving, and second chances, it also includes the wonderful act of facing your problems, which to me, is a very wonderful thing. I recommend playing her route 2nd, as this route almost act as a signal for the ginormous amount of feels ahead.

    Rank 3rd: Makina = Who loves Lolis? I know I do xD! Anyway… Irisu Makina, she certainly gave me the Onii-chan chills all right, her character is the picture of good joy and happiness, her childish demeanor really shows you how innocent this girl is. Her childish antics and troublemaker qualities makes her the epiphany of youth. however, if you think about it, if she was this joyful and active, then why is she in that academy? This fact made me interested in her, especially after the first encounter that you get, simply put, she acts shy when you interact with her first which makes me wonder if this girl really is just a happy-go-lucky bag of treats, this question is immediately answered however after you play with her in the “CLAWFISH SCENE”. She is not irritating, I actually find her cute, and really likable. The reason why she is 3rd for me though is because of her back story, her background clearly indicates that she was indeed a victim of a very traumatic crime, which causes her whole life to take an unexpected turn. Now here is the problem, the way she develops is too unrealistic, the way she was able to cope up with such trauma was too strong for her character, this diminishes your initial view of the character and changes it into something else. But yeah that was a nitpick so forgive for that. Her present story is the strong part though, her battle with those traumatic events really shows the strength of her will, her kindness is also a plus as it contrasts well with our main character’s dark past. I suggest playing her route 4th, this really gets you at the edge of your seat when you read the story without skips, trust me her story is worth it, also… her Flag Choice is the very first flag that you get.

    Rank 2nd: Amane = Ok, big-sister types… not really much of a fan but it’s ok. Her development is over the charts her interaction with our protagonist is really on the mark, her intimacy and occasional bashfulness ignites a nosebleed on most people… particularly me… so yeah… ANYWAY! her character literally starts off as your typical dere-dere stereo type, what makes her unique however is the fact that she is too intimate, yes she is downright head over heels for our protagonist, which leads us to one of the most funniest scenes in the game… xD!!! She is also very likable, her understanding nature is very new for me, she hardly gets jealous and never did she forced her self to pry about our main characters background… That right there is a woman who knows how to understand. That makes her the most likable girl in the game… The reason why she stands in second place is because of the back story…(see a pattern here?) Later on in the game you will find the reason why she is so intimate with our main protagonist, you will also find connections in their past, what really bugs me is that one unanswered question… But oh well… The way they ended her arc was also a bit lacking, considering the horrific events shown in her back story, I think the ending could have given us a little bit more… but all things considered it was a fresh experience for me. The story was almost entirely tied to the background story and when you get back to the present story, the development stays neutral and I guess they were short on time? But yeah, to me the ending to that present story was just not enough to give it justice… The After story however pulled it right out of the bag… and gave me the most proper way to end her full route… Yes In all of the Stories, this needed that After Story… That was what brought her route from 3rd to second. In my personal opinion if that After story didn’t happen then this route would have been just a masturbation material for me… Oh yeah this route had the most H-scenes. Anyway I recommend playing this route 3rd, because although it was ultimately better than Makina’s route, the time spent on the background story was a bit too much.

    Rank 1st: Sachi = Ok…ok… Who pulled a CLANNAD on me? I mean seriously what the hell!? This girl is downright broken, in a mental sense, mind you, and if you play her route, play it last, cause I swear to god she made me fucking lie down, roll over, and just cry like hell… Yes! That’s how sad it is!!! Don’t believe me play her route for yourself…ANYWAY! Sachi… The girl is the incarnation of obedience itself, trust me she really is… which makes her the weirdest of all archetypes… Yeah you can dub her as the typical maid, but she took that meaning way beyond my reasonable range, tell her to wash your clothes? she’ll do it. Tell her to answer your homework? she’ll do it. tell her to… Ok you get the point… She acts this way because of her horrific and notably the saddest background story of the game, and yes, that story line really, really does mirror one of the heroines in CLANNAD. But don’t get me wrong, there maybe similarities, but it’s NOT entirely a copy of that said heroine. Her character is also very peculiar because of her tendency to answer every single request given to her, she doesn’t care if it was for good or bad, and if no one were to stop her, some of her actions may even include… oh I don’t know…OBLITERATE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE…Yes that was an exaggeration, but seriously the girl is like a machine with emotions, she will do everything in her power to accomplish every single request given to her. This is not a good thing however, because in her case, it matters not if it was for good or bad, this is fortunately corrected by our hero later in the game… Her back story is also fleshed out, its not long or short, but it was just enough to build up the emotional-punch to its readers, I highly recommend playing her route last, that way you will be able to grasp the fulness of her route without worrying about the other heroines.
    So yeah That’s it… also you don’t really need to follow my ranking, I just want to at least catch the attention of the readers to give this novel a try. With all said and done I thank you… Oh and to those who were spoiled…I did warn you guys.

  96. Kurumu Tokisaki says:

    Grisaia no Kajitsu…
    Where Amane scene?
    Only Makina scene in this VN!
    What Happened?
    Where is the Sequel?

  97. Zeida says:

    Guys, I’ve downloaded all the parts…
    I got the patch…
    But when I try to install it… a window pops up asking for something like a CD key/Pass code/Password…
    I’ve looked for tutorials and other installation walk throughs…

    but The window asking for the aforementioned terms does not pop out…
    Please Help 🙁

  98. Zachlol says:

    hey i wanted download this game but im completely clueless. so can someone plz instruct me on what to downlaod so i can play the game in english

  99. wyldstrykr says:

    does this game has a scene recollection?
    (like those in da capo series where you can play all the scenes, including no h-scene)

  100. Jack says:

    Also do i just install the english patch once its downloaded or do i have to do something else?

  101. hamza says:

    I want to ask after i installed the 31 files of the game and the english patch

    i used daemon tools to mount the file after that what should i do to install the game your help will be appreciated

  102. javier says:

    i downloaded the english pacth and it asks for a file but i dont have it.Where can i get the file ?

  103. Althaliax says:

    Is the 5.9GB rar file deleted? If so can it be re-uploaded? Also is the 200MB rar 31 parts all working? Thanks!

  104. BlueTears says:

    Just curious but how do u go to Jb’s route. I’ve seen vndb and she as well have sex styles.

  105. khimyuffie says:

    can anyone give an URL for full version of Opening Song??? tnx in advance

  106. Dude says:

    Umm,,, So somebody please tell me… Is it Good or Bad… Just please answer either good or bad. 🙁

  107. jomzzz says:

    hey guys, just want to know if this game is fully translated in english? how do iknow if the vn is full eng translated??

  108. creepy ozelot says:

    so after i install the game can i delete all the things i gott by extracting and still play the game?

  109. urawesome says:

    horyyy shiiiiiitteee!!!


  110. Mitchey says:

    Alright i apologise in advance for what im going to type and my abismal spelling but here it goes

    for one i always give routes and storys the benifit of the dobt and try to look at it in a positive light but i have to say this

    Michruchiru’s ending for her route was whole heartidly i belive terrible in which how she decides to handle this problem with open arms after she has her appiphiny. i though it was very, ifound,anti-climatic or whatever. however i know some of you other VN player/readers have youre own opinion and all i can say is good for was terrrible.

    i will give this game a go for the sake of hopeing that thier hopefully will be something better on the horizen storywise

    agian im am sorry i have never been displeased with anything that the VN catiegorys or other storys had to offer before in my life as an VN reader. i really hope that whoever came up with Ciruchiru’s ending stubbs thier toe and breaks it haveing to go under surgery at thier expense agian i am sorry ty

  111. TheWhiteChriss says:

    Please help. Im trying to install this but when i select the folder i want it installed in it says the folder doesn´t have a valid version of the game installed. Does anyone else have this problem and how do i fix it? I downloaded the DA-free: English Patch Download version. Is that the wrong one? I have no idea what to do here.

  112. Forone94 says:

    I will ask on this site too:

    Anyone that can help me with Trying to get premium, but cant find the pay button or something like that at all.. or maybe they are only available in NA?

    Anyone know?

  113. Excalibur says:

    Grisaia no Kajitsu is very well like game, but i’m wonder so he may have equally the two other games to the Grisaia ; like Grisaia no Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen…

    I’m think it would interesting to be able acquire the Grisaia’s Set, do not you agree ?

  114. jacob shelton says:

    I have downloaded everything plus the patch but when I try to open the archive with daemon tools pro I keep getting a 1785 error?
    How do I get around this?

  115. broken says:

    the cd code is


    for all those that cant get it to work. i had to spend 5 hours looking for a fix for this.

  116. broken says:

    this shit is broken. the crap wont install. it gets stuck on a dumbass text screen.

    and yes i went into the mounted file and clicked the install and didn’t use the auto run.

    it doesn’t work. you can not go past three clicks, and so damn help would be nice since i went and download 31 damn files. an yes im clicking next.

    this the 4 game ive had this problem with.

  117. nicknamecentral says:

    I swear to God, Amane’s and Sachi’s routes really dug a nail straight in my lungs and forced out manly tears. Those two were the ones that really hit me, but the rest is just as amazing. Every part is touching along with parts that are just pure comedy. Each character has their own back-story, which itself made me feel terrible. Definitely an amazing game. It’s worth five gigs. (G-senjou no Maou is still number 1)

  118. bigletterz says:

    Wellp seems to have worked perfectly, from install to english patch. I did rename the install folder to an english name though. I also installed using \AppLocale\ on the \install\ exe within the mounted disc image, and that worked totally fine. Chaning system locale is too much hassle anyway, Just using AL worked for both this and SexyBeachZero.

    Anyway, great upload, though using a different (better) file hosting service would be muuuuch better. it took me nearly 9 hours to download every individual part because of all the waiting and BS :/

  119. Jun says:

    Hey, why after i mounted the image then when i press install noting come out?

  120. jaster rogue says:

    does anyone know where the translation of Grisaia no Kajitsu is at?

  121. MillerSNK says:

    So, after a few days of slowly downloading all the parts (with a few hiccups installing it), I finally got it installed.I decided to give it a short try to see what its like…..and havent stopped lol. I’m only at the beginning still, but the art is amazing, music is great, and you can tell a lot of effort went into this game. Can’t wait to get farther!

  122. Void says:

    This is an outstandingly well made VN. Its only shortcoming, is perhaps its character-facilitation. Some of the excuses as to why the characters behave the way they do, are very unconvincing and even borderline contrived (especially Sachi).

    That being said, this VN is still amazing and is more than worth reading…Especially because it has another 2 sequels. A lot of reading right there.

  123. Fernando says:

    Can you help me please.
    I have a problem about Direct X,so I can’t play the game.
    How to solve this problem ?

  124. Chamz says:

    Can you help me.
    After finished download all parts,
    and then i extract all files..
    all i have is this three files..
    -Grisaia.mds explorer)

    please help me with my problems…
    i really want to play this.. 😀
    hope you can help me..


  125. asashi says:

    i got a some problems when trying to install..
    the installer asking to put somekind of cd key or something..

    anyone have this problem?

    • sticky says:

      I am assuming you are trying to install and you clicked next until you got stuck with a text box.

      To intall, do not run the autorun. Instead go to your mounted drive and look for the install there. You should be able to continue clicking next to install 😉

      • raino says:

        I got the same problem. I avoid running the installation trough autorun but through install.exe from the drive, and I still got stuck with the textbox. I tried clicking the next button few times but it won’t budge D:
        please help me

  126. noire says:

    once again thanks for providing us this game 😀

  127. Vondoom says:

    Random Fact To all of us downloaders:

  128. Frank says:

    Grisaia’s installer does a brief outgoing connection before asking for a password. If this is blocked it will prompt you for input. If you don’t have it blocked it will install normally.

  129. Trad says:

    arara how did i miss this game? good that i heard someone mention it on MGQ3 comments XD download download~

    as for @Hadi: i cant help you with that but try some other things… like are you sure you pressed next, and when you are pressing next is text changing or stays same also why couldnt you install please tell that?

    • Trad says:

      sorry for posting again but:
      what i am trying to say is… as long as you are really pressing next in most installation it should get you to install eventually same as normal games…..

  130. Hadi says:

    i newbie, i can’t instal this game, i using daemoon tool. after i mount this game, after i chose instal, and then i chose next, but after 3 time chose next, i couldn’t instal this game, please help me ?!

  131. Vondoom says:

    5 GIGS!!! are you SERIOUS!!!!

  132. Vondoom says:

    …The comments are tempting… Maybe…no… I SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS!!!… Just as soon as I empty my hardrive 🙁

  133. Ataraxia says:

    Hey guys, can someone please tell me where the save files/folder are located?

  134. nantou says:

    Admin i love your site and i will love it even more if you could add Grisaia no Meikyuu from front wing too. do it and you will have my eternal gratitude.

  135. laemon says:

    excuse me, could you refresh the link for the 1clic ddl version please ?

  136. passerby says:

    is it just me or
    one of the route has a similiar plot with manga called “limit”?
    just asking

    sorry for bad english

  137. VNfan says:

    So,this has skippable H-scenes,right?

  138. TWH says:

    I really wanna play this. I REAALLLLYYY wanna play this. But I don’t have time for THIRTY-ONE DOWNLOADS.

  139. Akira says:

    Admin if you have Grisaia sequel like Meikyuu and Rakuen please find it…i really hoping you can find one with an english patch with it..coz this game is not ended yet..and i really needed the sequel o it thank admin Love you >w<

  140. irelandz says:

    can you tell me how to install this game because i’m always stuck in the instalation because it must insert password (maybe) or in this instalation there was crack or keygen?

  141. Willfred says:

    This is one of those Novels, that will consume your free time like no other, but I have to say, I love it so far, got maybe 6 hours in as of yet and I know things will most likely turn to something really dark seeing the setting, for anyone considering, this is definitely an amazing choice. The characters are written amazingly, they not only have your typical lovable silly characters, but also make fun of stereotypes in a perfect way, Yuuji as the main character is by far my favourite, his attitude made me literally have a fit of laughter, his comebacks are one of the kind and his own brain works in “slighty” different way than you can possibly imagine.
    Storytelling is solid, wacky, random and funny as hell. Simply said, havent had so much fun since something as Shuffle! or seen characters so memorable as in G-senjou no Maou.

  142. Kiyah says:

    ARGH. Tried to replay the game – it won’t go. “The game system could not start this game.” Any ideas? I made sure the disc was mounted and everything, but no joy. Also, the patch won’t recognise my file. Is it hopelessly corrupted?

    • noko says:

      I had the same problem. Solved it by renaming the folder from the garbled text it gets installed to (you probably didn’t restart the pc after changing the locale for the installation) to “グリザイアの果実”.

  143. Nobody says:

    Best eroge I had play since Yume Miru Kusuri. To summary the game each route is like a blade stab right into your heart, and by choosing the end you can decide whether to twist the blade, or let it heal.
    What the fuck am I saying!? Jesus Christ, this game turn me into some kind of philosopher! Please somebody, anybody, SAVE ME!!!

  144. Zackish says:

    Where can i download the uncencored version? or uncencored patch of the game?
    Somebody please reply my question.

  145. YoukaiFan says:

    …and now I find this thing has two sequels and I am once more discontent. I seriously loved this game, even if Amane’s route made me seriously leave the game and go get something to eat just to comfort myself. I know the sequels will probably never be translated so they will be there forever, mocking me.

    • MetalHead666 says:

      Actually the first sequel is being translated, maybe in 3-4 months will be finished. The second one will be translated after they finish the first one.

    • Falschen says:

      Dude, I know how you feel… The bus accident arc was pretty depressing and if I had any say to it, it ate most of Akane’s route.

      And it explained why Akane was so desperate in having her way with Yuuji…

      Plus… her sister [died]!(Well, not really. I know her sister is alive. I just know it!) Damnit! She acted like a hero for them… I salute her and her slyness. She actually used the carrot trick with the bodies. How… quaint.

      Anyways, I’ll be waiting for the upcoming sequels. I know it will be good, if not better.

      • Thenma says:

        Dude… spoiler warning… come on bro

      • Mace of spades says:

        *Warning May contain minor spoilers for those who have not beaten the amane’s path yet in the game*

        actually sir, It’s Amane not Akane. Her name is often over emphasized in the nickname makina uses for her “Ama-nee” or at times even “Ama-Nii” I do agree with you that I too can’t wait for the sequels, but her endings proved to you just how devoted Amane had become to Yujii and her good ending is one of the few endings where you get to see that Yujii’s own circumstances had gotten better, he no longer had his night terrors, although personally I am curious as to how he ended up with cancer in this route but none of the others, regardless of that I am glad to see they got to live to a ripe ol’ age.

  146. Yuki says:

    I’m just wondering, before I attempt to download all the parts, is the game censored? And if so how bad is it?

  147. Kay says:

    i have a problem,

    when i extract it, it says that part 30 and 31 are corrupted

  148. ciccio566 says:

    i have a question for who have played makina route : i was the only one finding the h-scene in the route somewhat wrong? i felt like yuuji was going to fuck a peluche, you don’t fuck a stuffed bear don’t you? this route would be much better without sex or at least without makina doing sex, poor makina… how could you yuuji ??! 🙁

  149. Kiyah says:

    This game is *great*. One of my top three for sure. I can’t wait for the others… So much plot you can has 😉

  150. Orwell 84 says:

    Hi, I have a problem.

    Whenever I try to download the english patch, my Norton Internet Security warns me from malware.

    Has someone a similar problem?

    • Nepu Nepu says:

      It’s detected as malware because the patch changes most of the VN’s text files into english, and for Norton, changing/hijacking an installed program’s files thru .exe’s or otherwise counts as action done by malware.

      It’s a false positive.

      In short, it’s bullshit. Don’t worry.

  151. Saxz says:

    Just finished four route.
    Still need to finish Yumiko.

    And I would say that this game truly give me another wow experience after G Senjou and Yume Miru Kusuri.

    Enjoyable story and character…Especially Michiru.
    I just want to hug her because of her stupidness.
    Damn you pseudo-tsundere!!

    I hope the other 2 sequel get translated too later…

  152. Loner says:

    What is MLA ? If it’s that good i want to try it

  153. DNottin says:

    So I just finished Yumiko’s route, or at least that’s the impression it gave, as it sent me back to the main menu, but there’s no “Extras” or anything different.
    If it’s just a matter of me having to re-install it or something, just tell me, or if there’s a quick patch that’ll work too.

  154. ciccio566 says:

    guys, amane route is so BORING!! thx for the game admin 😀

  155. drec says:

    Plz help me to extract CG and BGM from this game??
    I’m unable to extract with crass tool..

  156. MoeLover says:

    Finally finished all the routes. Definitely a must play for any VN fan. My only problems were with Michiru’s and Makina’s route. The former was overall quite lacking. Not only was it short (the shortest of all routes actually), I find that it lacked substance, I didn’t really feel Yuuji falling in love with her either. With Makina’s route personally I found the endings unsatisfying. Hopefully the after stories included in the sequel provides better closer, but a great game regardless.

  157. Nobody says:

    Never mind. It seem it only skip the voiced line when i go 4x in auto mode. Should have checked before asked. Just one more things. When i press enter to skip the line i already done reading it exit auto mode, Can i change the button setting to fix this?

  158. Sam says:

    go to configuration -> text
    you can regulate the auto mode speed to your liking there

    • Nobody says:

      I already try it. What i want to ask is is there any way to make it wait until the voice is finish before auto go to the next line?

  159. avary says:

    how do i download games ?

  160. YoukaiFan says:

    This game hit me in the feels so many times. Especially Amane’s route. I just wanted her to skip ahead but she recorded each day. I had to eat something in the middle of it.

    Anyway, what I thought was interesting was that each route revealed something about Yuuji as well, though not completely consistently.


  161. Nobody says:

    I have a problem whith the auto mode. Seem like it don’t distinguish between voiced line and just dialogue. When i use auto mode it just skip the line and the voice. Kinda disappointed with a game that is 5.9 GB. Does anyone know how to deal with this? Please tell me.

  162. Shin says:

    Play this. Now. The story is great and honestly I personally am really picky when it comes to story. I think this is the 3rd VN I have played through completely, actually getting into the story. First being Utawarerumono and second being Otoboku. PLAY THIS>

    • DNottin says:

      Thursday, August 29. Night 2 of downloading. 1:18 AM PST.
      Currently on 25/26 of 33 overall parts.
      Better be worth it, Shin.

  163. DNottin says:

    Looks interesting, comments show no problems, appraisal from the majority, Alright I’ll download it and try it out.
    *Opens the free download tab*
    Holy jesus, FUCK, I am NOT doing this at midnight.

  164. cia92f says:

    if there is someone who read the sequels, or at least this one, it’s something i keep thinking about, was his father abusing his sister, becose he keet speaking about how much he hated him and how at night his sister was moning in pain in the bed under him,was it just my misunderstanding, please someone tell me cuz i don’t think i will be able to read the sequel anytime soon.

  165. Black Sword Slasher says:

    I wish JB and Chizuru had routes…..-_-

  166. John says:

    Sequel. Immediately.

  167. Joshuam303 says:

    is the only H-scenes at the end of each persons routes??

  168. john says:

    do i need to install both of the patches? or just one of ’em? anyways, is this VN censored? if so, where’s the uncensored patch?

  169. moeXix says:

    Is this still just a partial patch??
    Because right now I’m playing Sachi’s route but when the choice of whom Shachi should kill appeard, it’s still in Japanese….Anybody experienced this??

    • hate sad ending says:

      eroge forum there got explain why something about overlook there fix over at eroge forum, as for the choice

      1 Kill Herself. (Bad Ending Route)
      2 Kill Her Mother.(Good Ending Route)

  170. Krunjar says:

    I know this might be a bit outside normal purview but i wanted to go premium on the hosting site for this so i could get some games dl fast. However it seems to be impossible to actually upgrade all ive got is a premium upgrade page with no links to actually DO it. Whats more when i originally requested a password reminder i received an email with garbled corrupted letters. This hosting site seems shit and scammy tbh.

  171. Leon says:

    Sir where can I find my save game file for this game and some other visual novel games too??? Thank you

  172. Robert says:

    holy shit 31 downloads how long is this game

    • HK says:

      I’d figure if you read everything and take your time to absorb the story, around… 30-40 hours? Worth every second up until now, and I’m almost at the end of the only route left for me, Makina’s.

  173. makoto says:

    does it have h-scenes?

    • R says:

      yes, it is +18 game

      • makoto says:

        i see! thx! i just want to be sure coz im already half way on makina’s route and still nothing!! :3

        • Maou says:

          They’re there. Most are just fairly far in… I think bar Amane which has some pretty early on. Amane also has the most.

          • makoto says:

            thx dude!! just finished makina and amane’s route and your right!! makina h-scenes is just too far!! based on the 2 routes this VN is one hell of a ride!!!! specially amane’s history!! /O/

  174. redmonstr says:

    hello can anyone help me to install? I mount it but when I try to install it it is in Japanese and I cant read it plz help I download this for like forever and really want to play it 🙁

    • Maou says:

      The installer -is- in japanese you just have to click the next button over and over until it actually installs. Then apply the english patch

  175. Brokencrown27 says:

    Finished Amane route and partway through Makina’s, but I’ve got to say… this game is the f*king bomb.

    This might even overtake G-Senjou in my internal ‘ranking’. The elusive ‘eroge with great plot’ 😀

  176. hate sad ending says:

    i finish all the route today, comedy was nice and refreshing for a change especially makina joke, i like amane ending the best. I feel It a Good VN not a great one like rewrite as i feel it left out some plot for example

    Why did Yuuji Sister didnt contact with him if she is alive considering how much she love him?
    What happen between Chizuru and Yuuji, i know they met in a job but what happen?
    What does Asako Look like? (personal curiosity here)
    Who is the Higher Up that kept being mention?
    Who is the Professor, was it Yuuji Sister?

    • bludvein says:

      You do realize there are 2 sequels, right? It wasn’t intended for everything to be revealed yet. It can stand on its own but if you want the whole story you will have to wait.

      On a side not I really can’t stand most of Key’s VNs. The plots might be decent but the art style is just horrible to me. Ruins it for me.

      • hate sad ending says:

        ya i know there is 2 sequels to this series but that question alone is nagging at my head, i think it barely can stand on it own, still it standing alone i guess.
        The example of vn that can stand alone in a trilogy would be Muv Luv, that first story in original world.

        As to art wise i can tolerate most of any vn, for me the plot, character development and comedy is more important to me. I guess we are all different in how we view VN.

        • Laetan says:

          Does the sequels follow another route, where none of the heroins is piked, or is it a sequels of a particular route, or it is a mix of every story storyies of the first game?

          • bludvein says:

            I haven’t played them, but judging by the synopsis the sequels assume you didn’t pick anyone while still solving their problems. So a sort of composite canon.

            Anyway, can’t wait to play Harukoi Otome. I just hope the people who do the crack don’t get stuck.

          • bludvein says:

            A quick update. I played the sequel with ATLAS (which is surprisingly not bad if you do it right) and I have to revise my statement. There are +after stories for all the routes from the first game, but the main story assumes you didn’t pick anyone. Its mostly just backstory of Yuuji’s past, which REALLY REALLY sucked. I don’t mean that its badly done, but its pretty depressing. There were hints from the first game, but damn.

          • hate sad ending says:

            Way to go, unfortunately im bad with atlas and the whole hook thingy i will have to wait for english translation or just play the whole game in japanese listening only to the audio voice.

            Now that is that depressing i dont know if i should be excited or turn-off by the next series….

  177. pstevo123 says:

    Finished all routes not long ago, great game some of the funniest one liner laughs you will ever get in a VN.
    Some parts felt dragged on a little but overall really good can not wait for part 2 whenever that will be done.

  178. Scindo says:

    Wow…just wow, i only finished yumiko`s and michiru`s routes, yumiko was a bit sad but nothing big, michiru on the other hand…god damn that was sad, i almost cried near the end.

    i can safely say i`m playing this one for the plot =|

  179. Hazert says:

    This game got lot of comedy and really enjoyable. The translation also on pro level. Satisfying game of this month! Maji !!

  180. TheVeryBest says:


  181. ryuushima says:

    finished the final route yesterday ( saved Yukimo for last and she was awesome ! )
    I highly recommend this game for everyone to try out!

  182. LALA says:

    cant wait for the sequels~

  183. Pike says:

    So how do you get the cg scenes with Harudera Yuria and Kazami Kazuki , granted i just started the game

  184. karei says:

    when I extract the rar data, there is no .exe.
    Any Idears what I’m doing wrong? ^^

  185. Gattsu says:

    great game, i like how he looks so skinny, but in the sex scenes is ripped as fuck ^^

  186. obito says:

    hmm, I installed it without changing to japanese locale. i play and save files without a problem. i think we can play this in our original locale

  187. Jess says:

    … I haven’t read a Visual Novel this great since Sharin No Kuni… Probably my 2nd favourite Visual Novel to date (and I’ve read ALL of the translated Visual Novels… that weren’t Utsuge…)

    I thought If My Heart Had Wings was a refresher into why I started liking Visual Novels but this… I can’t praise it enough… and I’ve only finished 2 routes! Amane’s and Michuru~

    • Mintaka says:

      I agree, Amanes route flashback was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading! Try G-senjou no Maou if you haven’t. that’s one of the bests I’ve played to this day. Of course I’ve played many greats

      • Sporked says:

        Does it follow the same route structure as G-Senjou (and Aiyouku no Eustia for that matter) as in you can choose to continue the story or play through the girl in questions route?

        Also @ Jess, Muv-Luv trilogy > Sharin no Kuni. SnK is great but MLA is, in fact, the best thing ever written by man.

        • NecromanciCat says:

          Yes indeed, it follows a branching story, as it, you can start some routes earlier than others. Makina’s fist, then Amana, Sachi, Michiru and Yumiko being last. I’ve only personally finished Yumikos, but I have a separate save for each other route already lined up!

        • Y says:

          Agreed! MLA is definitely the greatest VN in existence.

  188. ryuushima says:

    just finished the introduction+Sachi route and woa it took 20 hours without skipping any scene and reading at a normal speed.
    That was way more than I ever dreamed off, I must say the introduction was a HUGE part of the time spend so the other routes will go a bit faster with the skipping of certain boring scenes in the introduction which I’ve already read but still this game is way bigger and better than I ever imagined.
    People were saying the Sachi route wasn’t interesting at all but I must say I really liked it, Sachi ended up being a super character and I hope that you people will give her route a try atleast since I skipped a night sleep over it and am so happy that it was totally worth it.

    Peace out

  189. Tony says:

    This game is great!!! I am so glad the person who translated this plans to translate the sequels as well!!!

  190. bludvein says:

    Alright, I think I’ve got all I wanted out of this one. I finished the routes for Amane, Yumiko, and Sachi. I also got over halfway through Michiru’s, but I just couldn’t take the stupidity any more. Not even going to try Makina’s. That just doesn’t appeal.

    I wonder if the peeps who tl’ed this one will do the sequels?

  191. ijen says:

    Waiting for Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens’ Garden~.
    try uploading it
    as soon as its english realease.

  192. wew says:

    just re download it

  193. Johnny Cage says:

    Meh, an alright game. Too hyped if you ask me. The crappy endings are also a turn off.

    • Razorback says:

      Well, duh… Of course the endings will be crappy, because they are not endings. This is a part of a trilogy consisting of itself, grisaia no meikyuu, and grisaia no rakuen.

  194. Genji says:

    I downloaded all the parts and when I was about to extract, some rar parts are broken saying CRC failed. I’m using WinRar 4.20; Can someone help me? Right now I’m redownloading the broken parts but I wan’t to play this as soon as possible..Thank you very much.

  195. Hate Sad Ending says:

    Help!!!, i install the game and played in japanese language no problem, but once i install the english patch, then i try to run the problem i cant, it said i havent install the game properly. Any Advice Guys?!!

    • mikasa says:

      After installing the game, make sure you only use the English Patch; so no need for the 1.01 Patch.

      To fellow erogamers, you don’t really need to install. After mounting, just copy the file inside.

  196. vash204 says:

    i am confused on how to instill the game with only two file, the .mds and .mdf, how do you install it?

  197. Zero says:

    Thanks as aly 😀

  198. usamiharu says:

    ummmm….someone got a file of ending soundtracks and opening full i want it so badly……some links in google are dead……

    just asking if someone got and have links…and can you post it..
    cause i totally love this game…..

  199. Zuriczi says:

    I have question. Is in this game something like “CG Mode” or “Event Mode” where can you see all cg and h-scenes?

  200. Rival says:

    Why only thank the admin. You should also thank TLwiki for their translations. You should visit them in their site. That aside…

    Thank you admin and TLwiki… 😀

  201. Saber05 says:

    This Game is Hilarious . .xD .. Highly Recommended . .hahaha . .Especially Prof. Makina’s Remedial English Class . . Lol . .

  202. Adrien Adjim says:

    I just start playing this game and I have to say that : I’ts just awesome. The characters are attaching, the images are beatiful, and for once, we don’t waste our time, the story starts quickly.
    So, I say it one more Time. Thank You so much !!!

  203. korewa2 says:

    Well it’s my first time downloading some enormous sized VN……

    But I think it worth it but it will take weeks for me…….

    Anyways a Big thanks ^ ^

  204. bludvein says:

    Yumiko route was my favorite so far. Surprisingly didn’t care much for Amane’s. Debating which one to do next….

  205. Saxz says:

    Anyone here got some crc broken file when extracting the rar files?
    If not then, anyone know how to find out which one is broken file?
    Because all of the files size are same too when I done DL it

  206. -_- says:

    31 Files, can you please switch to a different file server? This one is no good.

    Downloading 31 files is danmed annoying and I’ve yet to find a way to actually pay for premium on that blasted server.

  207. Avatar says:

    Excuse me for asking this dumb question, i’m not really much of a tech person but how can i use the english patch?

    • Vorthod says:

      once the game is installed, run the .exe file of the english patch. it will do things like confirm where you have installed the game and then update the necessary files

  208. schmoo says:

    Orchard Cum Prison? I’ve played that game!

  209. mikasa says:

    How do you view Backlog?

  210. Josh says:

    Okay… I just finished Amane’s route and I must say I’m having mixed feelings on what I just experienced. I’m now cautious in if I should continue this VN and I’d like to know, avoiding any spoilers if possible, is there anything creepier than Amane’s flashback in this VN? Cause that flashback is giving me so many chills it’s not even funny, I don’t even know if I can get to sleep tonight after seeing that.

    Should I pull out now? If there’s something worse than that flashback waiting for me, I think I might want to avoid the nightmares :<

  211. xix says:

    Can someone tell me which should I Install first, the 1.01 patch or the english patch?

    • RANDOM_HERO says:

      English patch already installs 1.01, you just need to instal english patch and it will automatically update the VN along with transtalion

  212. captain teemo says:

    thanks admin,can’t wait to play.

  213. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    I cried so much..
    The characters have really good stories that make you feel what they felt in their past.
    I can see much of them in me.

  214. someone_else says:

    with a game so big, im praying for a walkthrough here, someone make my wish come true plz.

  215. Anonymous says:

    Just when I thought I could start being productive…

    Thanks admin!

  216. Sir Failsalot says:

    Darnit! Skipped a few of the latest ones since they haven’t looked that promising and running out of space, with no idea what to throw out… Now I need to check my remaining space and what to ditch to get sufficient space again. >_<

    Still, not really anyone's fault, it just takes more than 10 TeraBytes to reach Mordor.

    Thanks for the awesome uploads Admin.

    • andy says:

      lol, you’re better off finishing the VN’s you already have and then deleting them to buy more space. It’s not like the new releases are going anywhere. 🙂

      • Sir Failsalot says:

        Sorry, no can do. I kind of wipe out those I find mediocre or worse pretty much as soon as I’m done with them, but good ones or better I tend to want to re-read later on, and those I won’t remove. And the things I don’t want to remove are starting to eat pretty big part of the space.

        Best option for me would be getting more memory. The comp could easily handle a few more hard drives anyways… It’s kind of an upgrade I should have done long ago. Just hasn’t gotten the funds for it. I’m financially totally broke. xP

  217. new guy says:

    This game is OK. But nothing new, I alrready did Machina route and nothing new, the only good point this game has to offer to me is because is FullHD compatible.

  218. Saa says:

    Tags:Sound of copulation…. wat?

    • andy says:

      I think that means the constant wet-sound effect you hear during sex scenes. I personally find it pretty arousing, because it makes the scene more ‘alive’.

  219. vash204 says:

    i am just wondering where is a Japanese location to install this game at?

  220. Vorthod says:

    sweet. i love sarcastic, well-composed protagonists. I am going to love this game =)

  221. wrathyy says:

    hey admin i’ve been getting some vns for some time now and i have to say that you sir are AWESOME and you have my gratidude

  222. Grant says:

    Would you like me to mirror this?

  223. Adrien Adjim says:

    WTF SO MANY FILES !!! I understand why they took so much time. Anyway, very good job. Thank you !!!

  224. Gattsu says:

    hey i got a problem, when i want to install the game, the third step wants me to fill something in, and when i click next i need to fill in something again and cant go past that, any ideas? thank you

    • Trauma says:

      found a fix but forgot to post it here :p
      you only need to enter this serial number 😀

      • Trauma says:

        wait delete the first [
        it should be
        and sorry for the double post admin, wouldn’t want to cause some misunderstanding XD (sorry for the bad grammar)

  225. usamiharu says:

    No way no way~~ Thanks admin your the best! i start downloading this now wooooooooo~~~~

  226. DarkMoon says:

    Is it a game or a VN?

    • Vorthod says:

      Visual Novels are games by definition, but if you are asking if it has any non-binary-choice-based gameplay involved, then i believe it does not as i have not seen any despite being pretty far in.

  227. cludusco says:

    Hey if anyone is also interested in game type V N Like sengoku rance and daiteikoku i also heard of sengoku hime 1,2,3,4 and 4 has an english version i hope anyone can tell me a download link plzz and thanks for the games Admin! long live admin! Hail Admin!

    • KarvilAtern says:

      Although the game seems to be nice I don´t think it has been translated to english as of yet. Firstly I couldn´t find anything about it being in english after a quick googling (OK, I haven´t invested too much efforts into it) and most importantelly, there is no mentioning of english version on ANDB, which is in 99% of cases correct. Of course if there is such a patch it would be nice if anybody pasted a link where to get it.

  228. Vaenir says:

    English Walkthrough:
    Help Sachi
    Mr. Standoffish Man
    Help Sachi
    ** SAVE 01 **
    Accept the money
    ** SAVE 02 **
    Pull the trigger
    — Makina BAD End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 02 **
    Don’t pull the trigger
    — Makina End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 01 **
    Reject the money
    ** SAVE 03 **
    This calls for shock and awe. Steal a kiss with overbearing force.
    ** SAVE 04 **
    Run away separately
    — Amane BAD End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 04 **
    Run away with Amane
    — Amane End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 03 **
    This is idiotic. Can’t let myself get caught up in her nonsense.
    ** SAVE 05 **
    Praise Sachi
    ** SAVE 06 **
    — Sachi BAD End —

    (It seems they forgot to translate those two choices,
    if this get fixed in a future patch and I haven’t fixed the walkthrough:
    BAD End -> Kill self, Normal End -> Kill her)

    ** LOAD SAVE 06 **
    — Sachi End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 05 **
    Ask for an alternate penalty
    ** SAVE 07 **
    I want to ask you something.
    ** SAVE 08 **
    Don’t leave after all. Let’s stay together.
    — Michiru BAD End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 08 **
    How about a kiss before you go?
    — Michiru End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 07 **
    No, it’s nothing.
    ** SAVE 08 **
    Rune away together
    — Sakaki BAD End —

    ** LOAD SAVE 08 **
    Confront him together
    — Sakaki End —

  229. Kirin says:

    Does anyone know if there is a walkthrough available for this yet?

  230. MagicalDude says:

    Admin….First time posting

    I love you

    Thats all

  231. Fixing Guru says:

    i see the quality in this one B)

    but such a shame my internet connection using FUP -_-

  232. eymuresu says:

    where can i download an image mounting software for free? all i could ever find are those 30 day trials and password or account required stuff! PLEASE HELP! I SO WANNA PLAY THIS!
    O(≧▽≦)O Huaaaa~~!

    • Avenger says:

      DAEMON Tools Lite

      • eymuresu says:

        i went to the site and it gave a….Rich Video Converter….wheres the DAEMON tools on the Program Files?!?! it didnt give any detail on where to install and i cant find it either…/(TuT)\

  233. Khairil Danial says:

    What the hell, i have not done finish the If My Heart Had Wings, now i have no choice but to download it Thx Admin

  234. Honey_Workz says:


  235. Reijin says:

    do i still nid to download the 1.01 Patch??

  236. Reijin says:

    Newbie here, can anyone teach me what to download & how to install the game??

    • desi says:

      There is a tech thread link you can use, but download winrar or 7zip. Download all the parts of the game and extract the files. You just have to extract the first part and the rest of the files will extract as long as you have all of them downloaded. Use a mounting program like daemon tools and mount the .iso file and install the game. Download the english patch and run it.

    • hughfj08 says:

      If you need further help
      the FAQ section of this site is very useful in it’s walkthrough on the process

  237. lightdx says:

    Whoao. This game seems great but is WAY too big.I think i have never seen a game as big as this one, the funny things was seen the last download part of juste few hundreds of kilobites xDD
    Seems really great and i’ll enjoy to play it.

    • admin says:

      There are even bigger games on this site. School days is like 8,5GB. And yes, there’s 400kb left over for last part, as it simply couldn’t “squeeze in” for 30th part, due to 200MB filesize limitation for free users.

      • lightdx says:

        Well that is true and i tried to play school days, but for some reason it always get stuck in the begining at the train part, i think i need a better computer or something.

      • lightdx says:

        And i understand why that last 400Kb part, i get how the download system work so is natural, i just mentioned that it feels like a lol to have a last part so small after all those 200MB parts. it is just like buying a lot of faty food and finish the order with a soda light. xD

    • zbychu says:

      game too big for you? Then don’t play, lol.

      • lightdx says:

        Finish to read before you talk because not doing that doesn’t talk good about you, for say less.

        I just comented about how big the game is, i’m not saying it is a problem at all, i even said that i’ll enjoiy it. Heebie-

  238. Vorthod says:

    I’m assuming we install the 1.01 patch before the english patch. or do the two patches affect different files making it not matter which order they go in?

  239. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Ho!!! god a almost came with these, will download it ASAP… Thanks, so many thanks…

  240. Ryan says:

    Fuck, only crap VNs.

    I want some gameplay based VNs. C’mon people, where’s Yumina? Rance 8? Daiteikoku?

    • Eiweh says:

      just die..
      leecher shut up..

    • Blaze says:

      Kill yourself. You are literally a retard.

    • Vorthod says:

      this is not a translation site. If you want those games, you should really be contacting the people who are in charge of translating them and perhaps offer to help them along if you have any relevant skills for doing so.

    • andy says:

      Play Kamidori Alchemy Meister. That game is amazing.
      PS. Stop being a jerk. Admin doesn’t do the translations.

  241. GoldTStar says:

    yo admin! hopefully this wont take me forever to figure out how to download…

  242. wintair says:

    Will this need to be Deamon tool’ed?

  243. chaotix says:

    Finally another game that’s worth playing for. Thanks for the download admin.

  244. Silenthobo says:

    This is going to take for ever to download but I can’t wait. Thanks Admin

  245. Anon says:

    Holy shit, that’s a lot of files.

  246. ghostinside says:

    Admin, has anyone ever told you that you’re awesome-tastic? Because that should be told to you every day. Much thanks!!!!

  247. Hizoku says:

    the game is separated into 31 files? It MUST be a good one then 😀

    • Vorthod says:

      Tell me about it. I haven’t seen a game this big in so long, so i am really looking forward to it.

      • luikun says:

        School Days is ~9GB and it’s crap

        • emwew says:

          prob because the entire VN was animated

          • luikun says:

            DA~KA~RA~ I’m saying it’s not always a gigachunk of a size=good quality overall.

        • Fatprincess says:

          *School Days is ~9g and is awesome.
          There I fixed your typeo.

          • sunsengnim says:

            School Days is ~9g and is utter mindfuck garbage
            there fixed it.

          • andy says:

            School Days is good, but it’s not for everyone. Sekai and Kotonoha are cute heroines and it’s pretty neat that it’s animated, but the game doesn’t reward you for being 100% faithful, which is kind of fucked up. No matter what you do, someone’s gonna be sad. I personally like it, but it did annoy me in a lot of parts because there’s only one ending where no one suffers a heartbreak.

          • KarvilAtern says:

            Just a little question there, not suffering a heartbreak is nice, but according to the things I heard about this VN it looks quite propable that the thing that breaks could be the head or neck of the protagonist. Oesen´t it happen in this ending?

  248. liljoeaa says:

    Finally a game that looks promising. Thank you Admin.

    • ZeroRequiemGX says:

      And then Came Muv Luv LOL
      Sequel gave me that feeling when Takeru got thrown off in unlimited world XD

  249. Digimaster900 says:

    Man!!!! Thanks, Finally, The Patch is here, downloading…

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