Violated Hero 2

Violated Hero 2

The descendent of a proud lineage of heroes: you.
Face terror in the form of SO MANY monster girls!
Strokings of the cock (handjobs)! Twirlism of the tendrils (tentacles)! Girlance of the top (girl on top sex)…?
Enjoy reverse rape by all of hell’s diverse cuties.

You are a hero. Unsheath thy gentleman’s weapon!
(It’s probably futile, though.)

To save the world, defeat the demon queen!

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94 Responses to “Violated Hero 2”

  1. Praetoria says:

    I was a bit confuse about it 1st but you literally kill the 3 generals indeed by \finishing them off\ and go to Amu of her
    offer for power then you can Challenge the Queen.

    I also realize when you fight her with an hp of 400+ just don’t waste your heal or skill just take the damage and the
    power that you gather from the 4 generals will activate.

    so your hp from 400+ will become 1000+ and that is how you
    use all skill. but remember not let your hp below 400hp.

  2. nev says:

    Whenever I defeat two generals, the game won’t let me go after other generals and will force me to fight the demon lord underleveled. How can I fix this?

  3. Evan says:

    how do you face Amu? I’ve beat all 3 of the other demon generals (both killed and spared) but can’t get her door to unlock

  4. Evan says:

    how do you face Amu? I’ve beat all 3 of the other demon generals (both killed and spared) but can’t get her door to unlock.

  5. TWH says:

    How do you get Amu’s offer? >.>
    Is it by the choices you get while talking to her?
    I’ve lost once against Xueli already. And hell, was losing to her worth it.
    I’ve killed 3 generals.
    Can’t get Amu’s door to unlock.
    Help please!

    • TWH says:

      Nevermind, figured it out.
      You have to answer the questions correctly.
      I totally fucked up the second one.
      Time to backtrack… ughhhh……

  6. waffle says:

    how do i open the menu, save and close the game??

    • Banjo says:

      Move the cursor to the top of the screen/window and the menu to save will “drop down”. Took me a while to figure that out too!

  7. u2 says:

    Hi, is this a waffle game?

  8. One Ugly Sunuvabitch says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any way to “save” the poor Mermaid, is there? ^^; I feel really sorry for her in that condition after all… 🙁

  9. animehyrukai says:

    Can’t get the english patch to work

  10. Matador, The Shit Poster says:

    Awful, awful game. I can testify personally, as playing this game gave me a chronic meat jacking condition. I am now addicted to beating one off to this game. Beware.

    • demninjaz says:

      …I don’t get how that makes this game awful. Isn’t that the whole point of H-games? Then, if it gave you that condition, I’d say it must be pretty good. (…Think about it, if any of us are even on this site…chances are we ain’t getting laid any time soon…unfortunate as that may be.)

  11. Special_K says:

    WTF?!? is that supposed to make us feel better?!? :'(

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