Shinobi Buster Mizuna Ninpocho

A shinobi cursed with “the way of lust” witnessed the murder of her own father.
Suffering an arousal whose limits were yet unknown, she began a journey of revenge.

4 Responses to “Shinobi Buster Mizuna Ninpocho”

  1. Sealingpizza says:

    Can anyone tell me the location of the first scroll? I can’t find it.


    • Chaos says:

      the first scroll can be found in the big village house in’ll find a hanging scroll in the left wall and examine will now enter in an underground ninja’s just easy from there.

  2. Hex Enchanter says:


  3. Shin says:

    I’m loving these RPGs you guys have been dropping lately, please keep them coming!

    Thanks again you guys! My evenings have been well worth spent.

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