The sex-changed protagonist (feminized) gets done by everyone in her life, from classmate to teacher to parent to train molester to her best friend to her pervert female doctor to rich pervert old guys.

Drenched in disgrace she finally gives and becomes perverted too.

Akira lived from day to day without any change. Every day he protected his little sister from their alcoholic father. School was a drag. It was a boys-only prep school.

“I hate this life!” he thought. One traffic accident later, and he awoke as a female. (!?)

There was no way “she” could protect her sister like this… unless she played to her old man’s perverted nature. “Well hello cutie, you want to take her place?” Akira’s father offered predictably. To spare her cute imouto, Akira spread her new feminine legs. In spirit still a boy… and with his own father… it was like a nightmare. But physically, another feeling took over…

Teacher and student, father and son/daugther sexual experiences. Akira lives day to day with huge change.

Seitenkan – HCG

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  1. ijen says:

    Sad,really sad.

  2. Gattsu says:

    yea i think i´ll pass on this one. sounds and looks horrible 🙂

  3. anon says:

    pass. thanks anyway admin

  4. ManiacalSoul says:

    … This theme is just not my thing…


    Thanks though.

  5. usamiharu says:

    I pass on this one….i don’t like a sex-change that is rape i like them if it’s funny(*has comedy situation*) one like X-change -_-

  6. Mulburk says:

    First the pregnant ladies game and now this.
    My birthday isn’t for another month or so admin 🙂

  7. Brymza says:

    Lol, it’s nukige, what do you ppl expect?

  8. WillyMocca says:


  9. WillyNilly says:

    SOUNDS LIKE TSF MONOGATARI (H-manga and anime). Gonna skip this.

  10. Arzuros says:

    I think I’ll pass on this one…

  11. tyreal says:

    thanks admin!

  12. c-x says:

    oh my god, the preview picture…

  13. NotoriousD says:

    Read the description, thought it’d be weird but interesting. Saw the preview image…grabbing right now.

  14. NotoriousD says:

    By the by, just now realized this by going to the VNDB entry for the game. Holy crap, a dieselmine game that isn’t Violated Hero etcetera getting translated! Yes! Plot looks typical but good for a Dieselmine game too.

  15. lolilover says:

    Anyone got a walkthrough or know how to get the true route ?

  16. Lv1Translator says:

    Hi Erogedownload userbase!

    Basically, to get to the true route, just have sex every time the option presents itself. The options should be fairly clear.

    If you’re having problems downloading, please visit my site where there’s a link to a torrent. I understand some people can’t use torrents and need a DDL, so I’m glad Erogedownload is providing that option.

    As for people put off by the description, yes the game does start out dark, but over time Akira comes to terms with her situation and the endings are all touching, in my opinion. Although if you dislike rape, you might want to pass on this game, because it’s rape heavy.

    If my website doesn’t show up in this comment, just google my name and it should come up.

    Happy fapping!

    • Cens says:

      I can’t imagine how a character accepting her fate after repeated rape can be considered “touching” or anything but “extremely appalling” Then again there is little that disgusts me as much as the mind-break fetish.

      Doesn’t help that the artwork is fairly shite…

      “As for people put off by the description, yes the game does start out dark, but over time Akira comes to terms with her situation” I mean how is this particular sentence anything but utterly horrifying? ;/

      Might be oversimplifying it a bit but it just seems to be
      You’re a woman now -> You get raped -> This is your fate now, better just come to terms with it -> Stockholm syndrome.

      • Tick says:

        Objectively speaking though, they are much better off in the true end than in the beginning of the game even if the true end seems bad at first. I personally think the Extra that you unlock afterwards definitely makes the True End the best end.

        Other than that, the first “bad” end you can get isn’t remotely bad and the Anzu end’s pretty happy.

        • NotoriousD says:

          yeah, pretty much. Finished it, did all the routes. My absolute favorite was Anzu’s end, obviously, and the true route coupled with the extra is second.

    • tankhedgehog says:

      I followed your advice and chose sex every time it became available which unlocked the true ending, like you said. The only problem is I don’t know how to play the true ending. I started a new game and all of the options were the same. How do I play the true route once I’ve unlocked it?

      • Tick says:

        Do every sex scene possible again and pick the choice, “It’s not enough…”. Be sure to play the Extra that unlocks after you complete the true route; it’ll be on the main menu

      • Lv1Translator says:

        Once the True Route is unlocked, the final option (where you choose between Anzu, Takafumi, and Kinjou’s ends) will have a new fourth option “It’s not enough…” that starts the True Route.

  17. Febriandi says:

    fap fap time!!

  18. sena says:

    hei guys, i want to ask about game eusully, any information about next game that will be translt except kamidori?
    i really want to play game eusully. by the way what kind of vn that you like admin?

    • Tick says:

      There aren’t really any Eushully projects except the occasional interface patch from Hongfire which does sort of surprise me. Maybe there’ll be more interest once more Alicesoft games are completely translated.

      Your best bet is to learn Japanese yourself, mate.

  19. Sevalle says:

    Gonna pass it up, thanks anyway admin. Want to enjoy and fap, not be depressed and fap…

  20. Rock says:

    It always amazes me just how pussy people are these days. It’s hentai FFS. Thanks for the upload, I most certainly SHALL NOT PASS and get this. Love me some hardcore nukige.

  21. theend12 says:

    everytime i try to start the program i get the error message TVP(KIRIKIRI) 2 core / Scripting Platform for Win32 is not working. can someone help im running windows 7 with japanese local

  22. Lambo says:

    what!? It seems like the discode hentai.
    I Might want to play this since i’m a fan of game-hentai play.

  23. 12345676543dude says:

    hmm get getting error message when i try to install

  24. Rey says:

    The game is freeze when the main character is being raped by her classmates. what the hell happened? -_-

  25. TWH says:

    Well this is interesting.
    Twenty minutes of playing and I’ve already seen:
    Male protagonist undergoing a sex-change
    Father/son (with a female body) incest
    Futa-sis/gender-bent brother incest (Mmm good)
    A gay guy become straight
    A straight guy become gay except he has a female body so I guess that means he really went from being a straight male to a gay female to a straight female

  26. Anonymous says:

    No walkthroughs out there.
    Here’s one I just made. It’s not finished though.
    Wincest Route:

    X-I Understand
    -Absolutely Not
    -Shake Off His Hand
    X-Don’t Go
    -No Way
    -That’s Enough for Today
    -Run Away
    -Rely on Anzu
    -Being with Anzu is Most Important

    Class Cumdump Route:

    X-I Understand
    -I Understand
    -Shake Off His Hand
    X-Don’t Go
    -I Understand
    -That’s Enough for Today
    -Run Away
    -Put Up with it and go to School
    -I Like Getting Fucked by Takafumi and Everyone

    Teacher’s Pet Route:

    X-I Understand
    -Absolutely Not
    -Accept His Proposal
    X-Don’t Go
    -No Way
    -Take the Test
    -Ask for Cooperation
    -Rely on Anzu
    -I Like Kinjou’s Stubborn Perverted Sex

    You don’t have to follow this EXACTLY, but each choice that has to do with the route you’re following (Like all the I Understand choices for the class cumpdump route as I call it should be picked) should probably be picked.
    The choices marked with the X mean that if you pick the other option you’ll get a bad end.

    Trying to get the true route.
    You have to finish the other 3 routes first though.
    You’ll get a screen that says True Route Unlocked if you unlock it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I made a mistake on the teacher route. Either that or I’m on my way to the true route. You shouldn’t have to pick Don’t Go. If you do, then I’m on my way to the true route!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh wait, Lv1 Translations already posted on the true route. Zz
        I tried that though. Didn’t seem to work. Must’ve made a mistake somewhere.
        Haha… ha…

  27. darthbeandip says:

    I can’t get this to run at all. Is it not XP compatible? Clicking on the icon brings up an error that is just the path to the program surrounded by a bunch of question marks.

    • Creslin says:

      I get the same problem and I’m running Vista, so idk, maybe it only works on newer OSes, which would make me sad, because I thought this could be really interesting.

      • Anonymous says:

        Had the same problem. Changed system locale to Japanese (Japan) via the language and region settings in the control panel, and reboot your computer.

  28. aimmy79 says:

    oh yeah. i love x-change series. hope someone will work on x-change alternative 2 soon

  29. din says:

    need help

    after i download and unzip and click 2 play

    it show pop up something like ?????

    what that mean ?

    i already change 2 japan languange

  30. Sevalle says:

    Huge pass. Thanks anyway admin.

  31. wolfie says:

    How do I play? every time I try to start it I get a popup with some weird characters.

  32. Sler says:

    This is one of those that makes my heart ache.

  33. Sler says:

    …Actually it was too ridiculous to take seriously. 😛

  34. okk says:

    when ever i open the .exe file this pops up ???? with the path of the folder plse help

    • Meteora says:

      yeah me too pls help

      • omega66613 says:

        ok so i found out how to get it working. for those of us who didnt think to use applocale (me lol) simply use that and it will get rid of the folder destination error and launch properly

  35. omega66613 says:

    everytime i try to open it, it says something about the .exe. i dont know if it means its missing or just cant load. its kinda annoying cuz i want to play. any ideas admin?

  36. bimbo sissy says:

    Now this is my kind of game then again I love see the hero fall, or get corrupted or o enjoying being hero who does the corrupting. Grab it last night and fuck it good. Have to find more now

  37. LZ says:

    This is actually interesting

  38. orikhalaz says:

    is this uncensored?

  39. Atlas says:

    Is it fully animated, or just still images?

  40. kami to ntr says:

    Wtf with all this “pass” thing… i just read the description and i´m like: “My fucking god.. this gonna be good.”
    You people need to change your mind.
    thanks admin.

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