Neko-nin exHeart +Plus Saiha

Neko-nin exHeart +Plus Saiha

Saiha tells the protagonist, a runaway ninja has sneaked their way into town.
She doesn’t know what their motives are, but it may be related to him.
Although Yura and Tama are all over him to the point the runaway ninja won’t be able to get to him,
Saiha insists on living together with him just in case…

7 Responses to “Neko-nin exHeart +Plus Saiha”

  1. Disendaa says:

    Is there another sequel?
    At the ending it says “To Be Continued Again”.
    I hope there’s another sequel, since another neko has been slightly introduced!

  2. soundengineer says:

    i hate being that guy, but sneaked < snuck

  3. Just a passerby says:

    GAP MOE~~

  4. Udoroth says:

    dam…..this ones even shorter and more low effort than + nachi…..

    i wish they would put more effort into these ones

  5. cbeef says:

    thx for the 3rd sequel admin

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