Cho Dengeki Stryker

Cho Dengeki Stryker

Yuuki Yamato has modeled his young life after the super heroes he loves. When his best friend Haruna is teased by bullies, he always tries to defend her — but his life is not a comic book, and things never work out as planned.

One day, after yet another failure, Haruna tells Yamato that she is moving away. She asks him to come and see her off, but Yamato — his pride still wounded — cannot find the courage to face her. When Yamato is feeling his lowest, an old man appears before him. He is known as the Memory Collector, and he will grant one wish in exchange for a memory. Yamato makes his wish: to become Dengeki Stryker, his favorite comic book hero.

Years later, an army of cyborgs from the Balbora Empire appear in the city where Haruna now lives. With the police and the army powerless against the Empire’s mechanical might, it falls to a single hero to stop them — a hero who looks remarkably like Dengeki Stryker!

New additions in Cho Dengeki Stryker expansion:
Three new stories: “Love Chapter” “Steel Chapter” “Light Chapter”
Who is the new character, Clie?
What new developments will Rin and Hilko see?

Watch for retooled battle scenes which incorporate new sprites, event CGI, and cut-in materials!

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  1. Rdg says:

    The game seems to freeze on a black screen when it tries to play the opening theme.
    Any help?

  2. Moogle says:

    So wait is this just the addon or the full game+the addon?
    Also how do i transfer saves?

  3. Arey says:

    To say simply – it is a \full game+the addon\
    To say less simply – it is a \collectional re-release\.
    It is a re-made game with story, art and even programming changes + lots of extra content.
    So, i’m afraid, you cannot transfer your saves.
    But it’s not hurt to try – sometimes, some things works, even when instruction manual says they should’nt.

    But, my advice – try it again all the way through. It is thing, that always works fine.

  4. Anon456 says:

    So does the new character appears in the main routes?
    I feel like skipping most of the routes and see when she appears.

  5. Camil says:

    Please post walkthrough admin

  6. Nunya says:

    I found a bug in the game where you can get Hilko’s route (Love Saga) right off the bat without finishing the 3 main routes first.

    From what I remember its in this order,

    Its possible we’ve met before
    Haruna’s lunch
    Head upstairs
    Go home

    Kinda disappointing they didnt even bother to check for stuff like this ………

  7. Bosparan says:

    Nice game, well told. Thanks for uploading it.
    Couldn’t find any walkthroughs, figured it out and took some notes, so … here’s the walkthrough:

    – Phase 1: Zero Saga –
    : Start Game
    It’s possible we’ve met before.
    Haruna’s Lunch
    [Safe 1]
    Head Upstairs
    [Safe 2]
    Gather information at the cafe

    – Phase 2: Heaven Saga –
    : Heaven Saga
    I just don’t remember you.
    Kazami s Lunch
    Head downstairs
    Gather information at the cafe

    – Phase 3: Sky Saga –
    : Sky Saga
    # Nothing to do here, just enjoy the show

    – Phase 4: Ex Scenarios –
    : Watch Ex Scenario 1
    : Watch Ex Scenario 2
    # I know not whether the order when the Ex Scenarios are watched matters, probably not, but this is where I slotted them in.

    – Phase 5: Love Saga –
    [Load 2]
    Go Home

    – Phase 6: Steel Saga –
    [Load 1]
    Head Downstairs
    Go Shopping with Rin
    [Safe 3]
    Head for the cafe
    Stop by the cafe

    – Phase 7: Light Saga –
    [Load 3]
    Go out on patrol
    Return to my apartment

    That’s it, the phases are somewhat order sensitive, going through it in the proper order ought to work reliably.

    – Phase X: Whatever – <– Beginning of unlocking a new Story-Arc
    : <– A start menu option to choose, either directly in the main menu, or in the "New Game" Submenu
    # <– A comment, nothing to do
    [Safe X] <– A point where you create a savegame before choosing the next option (you can safe when prompted for that choice).
    [Load X] <– Load savegame X

    Note, this is not a 100% clear walkthrough, missing one animation scene (not a H-scene, those are complete), some CG, a few music pieces and two diary entries.

    Cheers and feel free to add the pieces I missed 🙂

    • Mr Braunn says:

      Hey there I can’t get the light saga :/ I’ve cleared all the sagas btw

    • Dirac says:

      Replay the Heaven Saga from the start menu to get Jack’s other diary entries.

      Replay Rin/Clie route (after you’ve finished them) there is a whole new arc to the story if you choose this to get the true ending.

      When replaying this route choose:

      Head for the cafe

      followed by:

      Return to my apartment

  8. WaffleNinja says:

    love saga was in my opinion the best route

  9. WaffleNinja says:

    somebody please help me!! my game crashed and now i have lost all my data!!! can anybody help me??

  10. WaffleNinja says:

    i already fixed it by well… playing the whole game again but tip: back-up you’re game

  11. Hamano says:

    can somebody tell me how to get day 14 & 15 diary entries??

    • Tom says:

      Replay Ichimonji Route and choose I dont remember you and Rin’s lunch. Then, finish the story. Afterwards, you will have 14 and 15.

  12. godzilla2000 says:

    I just finish Love Saga, ah… Soooooooooo lovely!!

    Hilko is the most lovely, pretty, and sweetest charactor of entire series!

    • NaAaF says:

      absolutely. Cutest heroine, best love story and a lovey dovey happy ending.

      I actually quit the game after her route.

  13. MordredPain says:

    Hey there can somebody tell me how to get the light saga?? I’ve already cleared all the others sagas btw.

    • Dirac says:

      Replay Rin/Clie route (after you’ve finished them) there is a whole new arc to the story if you choose this to get the true ending.

      When replaying this route choose:

      Head for the cafe

      followed by:

      Return to my apartment

  14. 16bitgamer says:

    Does anyone know if there is a soundtrack with the new songs? I really love Hilko’s ending theme

  15. Sneow says:

    This is the revision. The credit goes to the original post though.

    I believe that in the game the first few choices do not actually matter in the new routes. For the Hilko route (Love Sage) the important thing is to choose Go Home

    To get on the Steel Saga choose Go Shopping with Rin

    – Zero Saga (Haruna) –
    : Start Game
    It’s possible we’ve met before.
    Haruna’s Lunch
    Head Upstairs
    Gather information at the cafe

    – Heaven Saga (Sayaka)-
    : Heaven Saga
    I just don’t remember you.
    Kazami’s Lunch
    Head downstairs
    Gather information at the cafe

    – Sky Saga –
    Just choose Sky Saga in the new game menu
    No Choices

    – Ex Scenarios –
    No Choices
    Can be watched in any order

    – Love Saga (Hilko) –
    *The first few choices don’t actually matter, the only thing that matters is to choose to go home.*

    I just don’t remember you./It’s possible we’ve met before
    Kazami’s Lunch/Haruna’s Lunch
    Head Upstairs/Downstairs (may or may not appear)
    Oh It’s Ichimonji/It’s Haruna
    Go Home

    – Steel Saga (Rin) –
    I just don’t remember you
    Kazami’s Lunch
    Head Upstairs/Downstairs (may or may not appear)
    Oh It’s Ichimonji/Isn’t that Haruna
    Go Shopping with Rin
    (Save 1)
    Head for the cafe
    Stop by the cafe

    -Steel Saga (Clie) –
    (Load 1)
    Go on Patrol
    Return to my apartment

    You must play the Steel Saga at least twice, clearing Rin and Clie, in order to get Light Saga.

    – Light Saga –
    Like Sky Saga choose Light Saga once you start new game
    No Choices

    With this all the CG’s and animations should be unlocked.

    • Sneow says:

      Just wanted to add the first few choices only really matter for Zero Saga and Heaven Saga, basically Haruna’s and Sayaka’s route.

  16. JayDen says:

    No matter what I do I can’t get the steel saga, it always seems to go to zero saga instead. I’ve done everything I can except finish Jack’s diary. Is that a requirement?

    • sneow says:

      I think I may have the solution, the steel saga actually starts after the zero saga is completed, sort of. The way you will know when you are actually not in zero saga is when you get to the part where Yuki and Haruna have sex, if you are in the steel saga then Yuki will only see Haruna as a friend and the sex scenes won’t appear. Then after the death of Mirror, you will progress to a new chapter, where you will begin the Steel Saga.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why.. when i play get more error?how to fix it??

  18. marachicken says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that giant ball in the background of that image looks like a death star? On another note, thanks for an epic upload.

  19. rio says:

    i already download all part and extract it. but when i start the game there is notification that file is missing. and when i extract it there are warning that data02000.arc and data02998.arc are corrupt. anyone can help me?

  20. Crubitz says:

    I’m on the sky saga now so I wanted to ask just for confirmation… How many heroines r meant to be conquered?? On the poster (image on the top), I c 6 girls but according to the walkthrough only five r mentioned. Is it that there r 6 female characters but only 5 girls have actual routes??

    • Seiah says:

      I know is a bit late but the reason there are 6 girls in the poster is because there are 2 harunas when you play the game paying attention you will see but there is only 5 to “conquer”

  21. Adamsevs says:

    Hi, I just finished this VN and this one is really entertaining ! I’m happy to ran through this fun history !

    For thoses who don’t know if they should try an eye on Cho Dengeki Stryker let me give the main points :

    – 6 Routes (Rin and Clie count as one for me)
    – 5 Girls awaiting their hero (I didn’t put the other haruna in though)
    – 5 H-scenes

    There is comedie moments, good battles scenes, some drama, all in kind of parodic atmosphere of what is the mangas who don’t interfere with serious matters.

    If you still don’t know if it’s worthy of your time just give it a try as i did, it’s a good stuff 🙂

  22. rio says:

    I have problem when extract all data from 1 to 22. It says cho dengeki stryker part 20 the file is corrupt. anyone can help me to solve this problem?

  23. Ghost says:

    I have an issue were when playing the game a window pops up saying a file is missing, then I have the option to force the process. If I say yes, the game seems to continue to run just fine, but it pops up the window every other file it seems. The file it asks for changes but the window is always the same. I just finished the Zero Saga and through the whole game the window kept popping up. Is there anyway to fix it at all?

  24. someone says:

    Slightest spoilers below

    I think there should be a sequel to the game. throughout the game we have seen Yamato use power that go beyond what the memory collector gave. I would love to see a sequel involving the original Yamato becoming a super hero. anyone agree?

  25. Nuvol_Zephyr says:

    Why isn’t this in parts to download? I don’t have a subscription to the site that this downloads off of, and therefore can’t download this. Is there a way to download this for people in my circumstance?

    • admin says:

      Uhm… if you look just below “DA-1Click” tab, there’s second option “DA-Free” which is exactly what you’re asking about…

  26. rio says:

    i just want to ask when another new game from manga gamer will be release? because i already look at the website there are few new game that has been release. for example Amber Breaker, Royal guard Melissa, and Forbidden Love with My Wife sister. If anyone has already had it please share with everyone so everyone can play it.

  27. Unsatisfied Human says:

    The link to the crack earlier seems to be down T^T can someone tell me where to find a legit crack for this? thanks in advance

  28. El-Ahrairah says:

    please help mee i keep getting this error in japanese when i try to run bgi, ive been seriously looking forward to this and all these comments about saga this saga that has been makin me jealous xD pleeaase just any clue may do

  29. Zorc says:

    Can someone tell me what’s the different between Dengeki Stryker and Chou Dengeki Stryker ???

  30. Deranged Madman says:

    Completed 2 Saga, but there aren’t any EX Scenarios appearing.

    I downloaded the game so maybe I’ll just complete the Sky Saga and see if the Extra scenes can be unlocked there. Story is actually really damn good.

  31. On the search for Crack says:

    HI, can some one please re post the crack since previous link is down. Thanks a lot!

  32. Gage says:

    This was kinda alright the only problem is its a really really bad super hero story about a really really really crappy super hero who really really sucks at everything he does lol.

  33. Gage says:

    Top it Off the steel saga is broken it will not activate no matter what you do I beat Heaven sky Love and Zero and no matter what I wont activate One guide says just follow the Zero path again only state go shopping with Rin. Well Rin never ever is selectable. Another says it takes place after you beat Mirror. Nothing. You wont have sex nothing changes you do have sex nothing changes. Another says pic rins stuff that still does not unlock either of the steel roots. Like really wtf

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