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Discipline – Walkthrough

Discipline: The Record of a Crusade

The story revolves around Takuro Hayami who transferred to the mostly female Saint Arcadia School. Seemingly all of the girls want to have sex with him because the school only recently started admitting male students. Takuro seems like a normal student, but what the girls later realize when they try to take advantage of him […]

Re:Birthday Song ~Koi o Utau Shinigami~

That song is an offering from the Reapers—a Requiem—very near the boundary between heaven and hell where one’s soul returns to. In that place is a school in which Reapers—beings that collect human souls—are developed and trained. Assembled as “Reaper Cadets” at this school are the protagonist and her peers who were once human. There, […]


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Every download on this page is in English or comes with English patch: # 11eyes 40 Days and 40 nights of rain 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors A A Boy and his Perverted Oneesans’ Happy H Apartment Life A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky A Happy Valentine A Kiss For The […]